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Colorado Scrap Yard Prices
loose tinColorado Springs150.00
Incomplete vehiclesColorado Springs150.00
Automobiles CompleteColorado Springs35.00
Appliances(white Goods)Colorado Springs15.00
Zinc Dirty - Aluminum cast d..Golden0.13
Zinc Clean - Aluminum cast c..Golden0.21
Stainless Steel Dirty - othe..Golden0.13
Range Lead - Bullets that ha..Golden0.31
Radiators made of both coppe..Golden1.26
Radiators made of both coppe..Golden1.36
Power Supplies with wireGolden0.28
Motherboards - Red/Blue/Yell..Golden0.88
Motherboards - Green no meta..Golden2.34
Monitor YolksGolden0.34
LI ION / Cell Phone Batterie..Golden0.70
Lead Wheel WeightsGolden0.41
Laptop Computers CompleteGolden0.76
Keyboards / MiceGolden0.03
Hard Drives without boardsGolden0.28
Fingerboards, RAM, Processor..Golden2.62
Disk Drives (DVD/CD/Floppy)Golden0.14
Copper Wire #2 55% - Less th..Golden1.25
Copper Wire #2 45% - Less th..Golden0.79
Copper Wire #2 25% - Less th..Golden0.37
Copper Wire #1 75% - 1/16th ..Golden1.87
Copper Sheet Clean - no othe..Golden2.59
Copper Radiators Dirty - ste..Golden1.37
Copper Radiators Clean - no ..Golden1.85
Copper MCM Wire - at least 8..Golden2.11
Copper Content - Metal items..Golden0.09
Copper Bright - 1/16 inch th..Golden2.76
Copper #2 - Copper with some..Golden2.59
Copper #1 - Solid copper wit..Golden2.72
Condensors from refrigeratio..Golden0.18
Computer Towers CompleteGolden0.24
Computer Towers - IncompleteGolden0.14
Computer FansGolden0.09
Cast Aluminum Clean - no ste..Golden0.55
Brass or Nickel Shell Casing..Golden2.30
Brass Dirty - steel or tin a..Golden1.26
Brass Clean - no steel or co..Golden1.88
Aluminum Sheet Dirty - steel..Golden0.48
Aluminum Sheet Clean - no st..Golden0.52
Aluminum Rim with the rubber..Golden0.18
Aluminum Radiators Dirty - s..Golden0.32
Aluminum Radiators Clean - n..Golden0.49
Aluminum Extrusion Dirty - s..Golden0.51
Aluminum Extrusion Clean - n..Golden0.57
Aluminum Cans - dry, crushed..Golden0.51
Aluminum Breakage Low - mixe..Golden0.12
Aluminum Breakage High - mix..Golden0.19
AC AdaptersGolden0.10
Single Stream:Residential & ..Fort Collins0.01
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