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Peak Alumina Prices Drive Alcoa’s Third Quarter Profits
Alcoa hiked the full-year guidance on adjusted EBITDA from its prior guidance of $3.0 billion-$3.2…
AluminumOctober 18th 2018
World Copper Market In Marginal Deficit During Jan-Aug ‘18
The reported stock of the metal declined in August, but was still higher by 31kt,…
CopperOctober 18th 2018
Outokumpu Torino Steel Facility Cited for Repeated Radiation Incident
The batch of scrap metal containing radioactive americium material was shipped from Holland and the…
Steel NewsOctober 17th 2018
Indian Steel Demand Predicted to Surge 7.3% in 2019
The Indian demand for finished steel products totaled 88.7 million tonnes in 2017, higher by…
Steel NewsOctober 17th 2018
ArcelorMittal and Tata Steel Dominates worldsteel 9th Steelie Awards
Two of the awards-Excellence in digital communications and Excellence in communications programmes were newly introduced…
Steel NewsOctober 17th 2018
U.S. Exports of Steel Bars Surged 25%
The U.S. exports of misc. steel bars surged higher by 25.39% during the first eight…
Steel NewsOctober 17th 2018
AIIS Newsletter: October 2018 Market Update
The trade deficit in August, according to the BEA, reached a six-month high of $53.2…
Steel NewsOctober 17th 2018
16th October, 2018: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Scrap Prices Witnessed No Change on Index
In the Non-Hallmarked category, the 14 carat gold scrap prices remained unchanged at $ 637.96…
Steel NewsOctober 17th 2018
AIIS Customs Corner: Duty Circumvention, Evasion and Avoidance Under Section 232 and Section 301
The article discusses the transshipment of wire hangers subject to antidumping duties from China.
Steel NewsOctober 17th 2018
U.S. Raw Steel Output Surged 10.3%
The year-to-date production through October 13, 2018 totaled 74.201 million net tons.
Steel NewsOctober 16th 2018
worldsteel SRO Predicts Positive Growth to Global Steel Demand in 2019
However, the stricter environmental rules proposed by the Chinese authorities may lead to lesser steel…
Steel NewsOctober 16th 2018
U.S. Steel and United Steelworkers Reach Tentative Labour Agreement
The revised contract proposal will be for a period of four years, which would extend…
Steel NewsOctober 16th 2018
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