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U.S. Steel Trade Groups Greet Senate Passage of USMCA
The Senate had passed the bill Thursday by a vote of 89-10.
Steel NewsJanuary 17th 2020
Strongbow Fund Further Drilling at South Crofty
According the company’s statement, the majority of the funds will go towards a drilling programme…
TinJanuary 17th 2020
World Steel Association Foresees Sector Growth Slowdown in 2020
Consequently, supply chain management and reporting will witness more importance in the years to come.
Steel NewsJanuary 16th 2020
Alcoa Reported Net Loss in 2019, Revenues Dipped 22%
Alcoa foresees global aluminium surplus to range between 600,000 tons to 1 million metric tons…
AluminumJanuary 16th 2020
U.S. Steel Attained Exceptional Safety Record
Also, the company’s Total OSHA Recordable injury rate was almost three times better than the…
Steel NewsJanuary 15th 2020
LatAm Steel Trade Advanced, Imports Recorded Decline
The crude steel production by the Latin American countries totalled 4.828 Mt in November 2019.
Steel NewsJanuary 15th 2020
Participation in the summit further demonstrates ITA’s leadership and determination to tackle the very significant…
TinJanuary 15th 2020
U.S. Raw Steel Output Recorded Notable Surge
The production during the recent week is up by 1.3% from the prior week ending…
Steel NewsJanuary 14th 2020
La Parilla Celebrates First Tin Shipment
Despite a series of planned – and unplanned – shutdowns to adjust the processing circuit,…
TinJanuary 14th 2020
Further Delays to Baiyinchagan Restart
On 23 February 2019, an accident at the Baiyinchagan mine killed 21 people, injuring a…
TinJanuary 14th 2020
AAI Recommends Lower Customs Duty on Critical Raw Materials
Simultaneously, AAI demanded the government to raise import duty on aluminium scrap from 2.5% to…
AluminumJanuary 13th 2020
Industry Body Urges New Measures to Boost Domestic Manufacturing
Further, it has also recommended minimum export duty of 20% on graphite electrodes.
Stainless SteelJanuary 13th 2020
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