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ICRA Foresees Massive Challenges to Domestic Steel Sector
The national lockdown has almost crippled the construction and infrastructure sectors, which are considered as…
Steel NewsApril 1st 2020
U.S Steel Output Dipped 13% Last Week
The capability utilization rate during the current week was 71.6%, compared with 82.2% during the…
Steel NewsMarch 31st 2020
U.S. Steel Unveils Aggressive Actions to Mitigate COVID-19 Impacts
The actions announced are unlikely to have material impact on the company’s first quarter results.
Steel NewsMarch 30th 2020
EU-28 Crude Steel Production Dipped 9%
The top three producers in the region were Germany, Italy and France.
Steel NewsMarch 30th 2020
South America Posted Dip in Crude Steel Production
The output by Paraguay registered biggest leap, up by 84.8% from the previous year.
Steel NewsMarch 27th 2020
World Steel Association Reported 4% Dip in African Steel Output
The primary steel producer in the region was Egypt.
Steel NewsMarch 27th 2020
U.S. Finished Steel Imports to Drop by 15% in 2020
AISI predicts 126.4% surge in imports of finished steel mill products from Turkey, which will…
Steel NewsMarch 27th 2020
China Refined Tin Imports Increase Eight-Fold
Imports of concentrates also fell during the period of lower smelter activity.
TinMarch 27th 2020
North American Steel Output Dipped
The top regional steel producer was the U.S., whose output hit 7.168 Mt.
Steel NewsMarch 26th 2020
Global Crude Steel Output Surged Until Feb '20
The cumulative crude steel production totalled 293.984 million tonnes (Mt) from January to February in…
Steel NewsMarch 26th 2020
Steel Trade Groups Raise Grave Concerns over CBP Action
The letter appreciated the efforts taken by the administration in limiting the spread and impact…
Steel NewsMarch 26th 2020
AISI Posted 21% Dip in YTD Steel Imports
The total and finished steel imports in February 2020 totalled 1.505 million net tons and…
Steel NewsMarch 25th 2020