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AK Steel Beats Challenging Market to Post Robust Results
For the full year 2019, the company reported net income of $11.2 million, or $0.04…
Steel NewsFebruary 21st 2020
GFG Alliance Declares Huge Investment in European Steel Operations
The investment is in response to concerns raised on greenhouse gas emissions from the above…
Steel NewsFebruary 20th 2020
Stelco Posted Q4 Net Loss on Unprecedented Steel Price Drop
The company’s average selling price of steel in Q4 ’19 witnessed notable decline by 28%…
Steel NewsFebruary 20th 2020
GFG Alliance Completes Acquisition of Bankrupt Indian Steel Plant
This marks the conglomerate’s first entry into the Indian market.
Steel NewsFebruary 19th 2020
AISI Published Most Recent Raw Steel Production Statistics
The raw steel production tonnage for the year-to-date period through February 5, 2020 totalled 12.575…
Steel NewsFebruary 19th 2020
LatAm Crude Steel Production Continued to Decline
The Chinese imports accounted for almost one-fourth of the total steel products imported by the…
Steel NewsFebruary 18th 2020
PT Timah Becomes Top Tin Producer
South American production increased in 2019 due to increases at MInsur’s Peruvian operations and EM…
TinFebruary 18th 2020
EnviroLeach Prove Viability of PCB Tin Recycling
Now, EnviroLeach believes that it can recover this tin. The company has completed lab-scale tests…
TinFebruary 18th 2020
JFE Steel to Consolidate Tinplate Lines
The Fukuyama plant already produces the majority of JFE’s tin mill products, and the company…
TinFebruary 18th 2020
Tata Steel Puts Break on Indian Steel Plant Expansion
Tata Steel has slowed down the ongoing expansion at Kalinganagar steel plant in the east-Indian…
Steel NewsFebruary 17th 2020
U.S. Steel Announces Further Layoffs at Indiana Facilities
The first round of job cuts was implemented in November last year at several Indiana…
Steel NewsFebruary 14th 2020
Tata Steel Declares Major Cut in European Workforce
The company said the continuation of the transformation program for another one year could make…
Steel NewsFebruary 14th 2020
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