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SDI Considers San Patricio County as Site for its New $1.8 Billion Steel Mill
SDI intends to invest around $1.7-$1.8 billion to construct a new state-of-the-art EAF flat roll…
Steel NewsFebruary 19th 2019
$215M Investment by US Steel to Have Monumental Impact on Alabama Steel Industry
U.S. Steel plans to invest $215 million, so as to restart the furnace to produce…
Steel NewsFebruary 19th 2019
AISI: U.S. Raw Steel Production Surged 3.8%
The adjusted year-to-date raw steel production by the country totaled 12.737 million NT through the…
Steel NewsFebruary 19th 2019
First Tin at Granville East
In April, the company was awarded approval to increase its processing limit upwards to some…
TinFebruary 19th 2019
AIIS February 2019 Steel Market Update
Housing starts data for December are not yet available because of the shutdown.
Steel NewsFebruary 19th 2019
ASSOCHAM Study Foresees Outstanding Growth to Indian Packaging Industry
In order to promote use of recycled plastics in the manufacturing process, the report proposes…
Steel NewsFebruary 18th 2019
Indian Steel Ministry to Consider Pleas by Domestic Sector for Minimum Import Price
According to Ministry official, the demand will be considered and action, if necessary, would be…
Steel NewsFebruary 18th 2019
Tariffs Critical to Ensure U.S. Steel Industry Growth Prospects
The trade actions have also resulted in the reopening of some of the shuttered facilities…
Steel NewsFebruary 18th 2019
U.S. Steel Resumes Plant Construction Because of Tariffs
The company had suspended construction of an electric arc furnace steelmaking facility in Fairfield, Ala.,…
Steel NewsFebruary 18th 2019
Executive Order Extends Buy American Preferences to Infrastructure Projects
President Donald Trump on Jan. 31 signed an executive order aimed at increasing the use…
Steel NewsFebruary 18th 2019
Trade Association Challenges EPA Claims on Section 232 Tariffs
The Association challenged the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) report’s claims that Section 232 tariffs on…
AluminumFebruary 15th 2019
Electric Vehicles Segment Spur Long-Term Demand Prospects of Copper
The imports of copper concentrates totaled 1.9 million tonnes in Jan ’19.
CopperFebruary 15th 2019
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