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New Cargo Facility Features Extensive Use of Steel
The construction of the 600-metre quay wall was carried out by the China Harbour Engineering…
Steel NewsFebruary 24th 2021
U.S. Raw Steel Output Recorded Substantial Dip
The production for the week was up slightly by 0.1% from the prior week, when…
Steel NewsFebruary 23rd 2021
Refined Copper Market Culminated in Deficit Until November
The world refined copper production increased marginally by around 1.8% in the first eleven months…
CopperFebruary 23rd 2021
Ternium Boosted Colombia Steel Plant Capacity by Three Times
The investment has boosted the plant’s steel output by almost three times.
Steel NewsFebruary 23rd 2021
Liberty Steel to Construct Modern Hydrogen-based Steel Plant
The plant will be built adjacent to GFG Alliance’s Alvance Aluminum site.
Steel NewsFebruary 23rd 2021
World Bureau of Metal Statistics Indicated Surplus Nickel Market
On the contrary, the Chinese apparent demand was up marginally by 5kt than in the…
NickelFebruary 22nd 2021
Aluminum Trade Body Demands Revision of Newly Announced Exclusions
The Aluminum Association noted that the aluminum producers find it extremely burdensome to keep up…
AluminumFebruary 22nd 2021
BlueScope Steel Provides Update on Port Kembla Steelworks Blast Furnace Reline
The company considers blast furnace reline as the most technically feasible and economically viable solution…
Steel NewsFebruary 22nd 2021
MIT to Work on Using Tin to Produce Hydrogen Without CO2  Emissions
Compared with SMR, their methane pyrolysis was found to be 50% cleaner than SMR.
TinFebruary 22nd 2021
Primary Aluminum Market Ended 2020 in Significant Surplus
During the whole year, the overall aluminum production surged higher marginally by 1.0% compared with…
AluminumFebruary 19th 2021
ArcelorMittal's Innovative Technology Reduced Carbon Emissions
The project is expected to contribute to a reduction of 125,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide…
Steel NewsFebruary 19th 2021
Stellar Resources Restarts Heemskirk Exploration
On top of the work at the silver mines, a drilling program targeting the Severn…
TinFebruary 19th 2021