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Steel Import License Changes Include Identifying Country Where Steel is “Melted and Poured”
The existing SIMA website used to secure steel import licenses will shut down on October…
Steel NewsSeptember 23rd 2020
Copper Study Group Reported Minor Deficit Market for the Metal in H1 2020
The world refined copper output edged higher by 1% during Jan-June ‘20.
CopperSeptember 22nd 2020
JFE Steel Announced Blast Furnace Restart at Fukuyama Steel Works
The strong rebound in car production in the country, has led to boosted demand for…
Steel NewsSeptember 22nd 2020
U.S. Commerce Department Announces Affirmative Ruling on Imports
The value of imports of such products from China in 2019 totalled about $71.8 million.
Steel NewsSeptember 22nd 2020
U.S. Cuts Brazil’s Steel Import Quota
The proclamation allows the Commerce Department to grant exemptions “in certain limited circumstances.”
Steel NewsSeptember 22nd 2020
ISRI Conclave Heralds Bright Future Prospects for Copper
The strong Chinese recovery is likely to have huge impact on copper prices.
CopperSeptember 21st 2020
Top U.S. Steelmaker Foresees Adjusted EBITDA Loss of $100M in Third Quarter
The recovery seen in North America and Europe is enduring.
Steel NewsSeptember 21st 2020
USTR Import Volume Levels In Place of Tariffs Await Further Clarification
It urged the United States Trade Representative (USTR) office to publish the details of the…
AluminumSeptember 21st 2020
GAO Recommends Changes to Tariff Exemption Application Process
In addition, the GAO said that Commerce did not make a decision on requests within…
Steel NewsSeptember 21st 2020
U.S. Adopts New Steel Import Monitoring Rules
A new online platform that is expected to be available starting Oct. 13.
Steel NewsSeptember 21st 2020
Nucor Announced Guidance for Third Quarter 2020 Earnings
The company expects the quarterly earnings to range between $0.50 and $0.55 per diluted share.
Steel NewsSeptember 18th 2020
Steel Demand by Automobile Sector to Witness Drastic Decline
The report stated that the total use of steel in cars may fall from 65%…
Steel NewsSeptember 17th 2020