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Aluminum Scrap Prices

United States Aluminum Scrap

CommodityNorth AmericaEast CoastMidwestWest Coast
1100 Scrap0.7700.7700.7600.780
3003 Scrap0.7700.7700.7600.780
356 Aluminum Wheels (Clean)0.7700.7700.7600.780
5052 Scrap0.9900.9900.9800.990
6061 Extrusions0.6900.6900.6800.690
6063 Extrusions0.8400.8400.8300.840
6063 Extrusions/Fe0.6600.6600.6500.670
Al/Cu Radiators1.9201.9201.9001.940
Al/Cu Radiators /Fe1.7601.7601.7401.760
Aluminum Radiators0.4000.4000.3900.400
Aluminum Radiators /Fe0.3200.3200.3100.330
Aluminum Transformers0.2400.2400.2300.250
Breakage 50% Recovery0.3300.3300.3200.340
Chrome Wheels0.7300.7300.7200.740
E.C. Aluminum Wire1.
Litho Sheets0.7900.7900.7800.800
Mixed Aluminum Turnings0.5500.5500.5500.550
MLC Clips0.7700.7700.7600.780
Old Cast0.7400.7400.7300.740
Old Sheet0.7400.7400.7300.740
Painted Siding0.7400.7400.7300.740
Zorba 90% NF0.7000.7000.6900.700

China Aluminum Scrap

6063 Extrusions16100.0000%CNY / MT
Aluminum ingots18400.0000%CNY / MT
Aluminum Radiators9400.0000%CNY / MT
Aluminum Transformers8850.0000%CNY / MT
E.C. Aluminum Wire17250.0000%CNY / MT
Old Cast16000.0000%CNY / MT
Old Sheet16000.0000%CNY / MT
UBC12200.0000%CNY / MT
Zorba 90% NF9300.0000%CNY / MT

India Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum ingots 205000.0000%Rupee / Ton
Aluminum utensil scrap197000.0000%Rupee / Ton

Europe Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum Cuttings1350.0000%$US / Tonne
Mixed Aluminum Turnings 600.0000%$US / Tonne
Old Cast1050.0000%$US / Tonne
UBC1250.0000%$US / Tonne