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DRI Seized Smuggled Gold Worth INR 5.44 Crore
Following this, DRI lodged a complaint with the airport police.
GoldFebruary 21st 2020
MCX Announces Launch of New Recycled Gold Futures Contract
Over the next three-month period, MCX will announce the specifications of the new contract.
GoldFebruary 19th 2020
Gold ETFs Saw Robust Inflows in India
It must be noted that the assets had touched a record high of 120 billion…
GoldFebruary 18th 2020
The Royal Mint Launches First Gold-backed Listed Product
The investment in gold-backed exchange traded products has been witnessing significant surge.
GoldFebruary 18th 2020
India Gold Imports Dipped 9% on Demand Slowdown
The Indian Commerce Ministry data suggests substantial decline in the country’s gold imports. The imports…
GoldFebruary 17th 2020
U.S. Gold Exports Dived Over 15%
The U.S. gold imports have increased marginally by 0.57% year-on-year to total $9.68 billion in…
GoldFebruary 13th 2020
India’s Diamond, Jewellery Exports Likely to Fall by 10-15%
The recent signing of the U.S.-China trade deal had boosted the industry sentiments.
GoldFebruary 13th 2020
World Gold Council Highlights Gold’s Relevance as a Strategic Asset
As part of diversification, institutional investors have increasingly flocked to alternative safe investments.
GoldFebruary 13th 2020
Inflows into Gold-linked ETFs Hit Highest Level in Seven Years
As of end-January 2020, the asset under management (AUM) of gold funds surged higher significantly…
GoldFebruary 12th 2020
 Coronavirus Outbreak Takes Toll on Chinese Gold Jewellery Sales
Metals Focus foresees 6% dip in Chinese gold jewelry sales this year.
GoldFebruary 12th 2020
IBJA Warns Gold Traders Against Credit Sales
According to the trade body, many jewelers are likely to be burdened with significant tax…
GoldFebruary 11th 2020
Indian Bullion Traders Foresee 25% Dip in Gold Demand
The gold demand has fallen to such a level that the bullion traders are willing…
GoldFebruary 10th 2020
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