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Precious Metals News
Russia Halts Central Bank Gold Purchases
Reportedly, Russia has huge gold reserves and does not intend to add more at this…
GoldMarch 31st 2020
Study Focuses on Huge Prospects of Gold’s Use in Electronic Devices
The study was conducted following concerns expressed by engineering community that tiny gold wires used…
GoldMarch 30th 2020
WGC: Official Gold Holdings Constitute 17% of Total Stocks
The Council noted that gold is one of the few assets that are universally permitted…
GoldMarch 27th 2020
India Gold Sales to Hit 25-Year Lows
The footfalls in many gold retail outlets across the country have been notably weak.
GoldMarch 26th 2020
WGC HIghlights Gold’s Relevance as A Strategic Asset in India
The yellow metal can enhance a portfolio in four different ways, said WGC.
GoldMarch 25th 2020
India’s Top Gold Seller Announces Closure of Operations
Also, all of its manufacturing units in all businesses across the country will remain closed…
GoldMarch 24th 2020
Gold Discounts Narrowed in India as Prices Dipped Further
The retail demand is likely to witness drastic decline on account of closure of retail…
GoldMarch 23rd 2020
Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange Group Announces Response to COVID-19
The DGCX confirmed that it has successfully maintained its normal operations across both the exchange…
GoldMarch 23rd 2020
Gold to Serve as Safe Haven in the Longer Term: World Gold Council
The financial markets may take more time to stabilize.
GoldMarch 23rd 2020
Gold Hit by Unprecedented Economic Market Conditions
All asset classes experience massive liquidation during the previous week and gold was no exception…
GoldMarch 20th 2020
Indian Gold Jewellers Struggle to Meet Tax Deadline
The cancellation of weddings on account of government order has further reduced sale of gold…
GoldMarch 19th 2020
Illegal Gold Imports Through Indian Airports Surged
As per market sources, demand has witnessed significant fall during recent time, mainly on account…
GoldMarch 18th 2020