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GJC Seeks Immediate Reduction in Gold Import Duty
Currently, the country charges 12.5% customs duty on imported gold.
GoldJanuary 17th 2020
WGC Foresees Soft Gold Trade Sentiment in India Through 2020
The policy reforms, including mandatory hallmarking requirements, are expected to improve confidence, build consumer trust…
GoldJanuary 17th 2020
WGC Launches Innovative Tool to Assess Gold’s Performance
The launch of Qaurum is being viewed as an important step forward in WGC’s ongoing…
GoldJanuary 17th 2020
Gold Demand in 2020 to be Driven by Market Risk and Economic Growth
WGC expects the upward trend to continue in 2020, as it finds many of the…
GoldJanuary 16th 2020
India's Central Bank Boosted Gold Reserves by 7.5 Tonnes
The central banks across the world reported net gold purchases of 27.9 tonnes in November…
GoldJanuary 15th 2020
WGC Chief Signals Decent Gold Rally in 2020
High gold duty in times of elevated global gold prices tends to impact Indian gold…
GoldJanuary 15th 2020
GJEPC Posted 5% Surge in Gold Jewellery Exports
The country exported $9,316.10 Million (INR 65,623.16 Crores) worth of gold jewellery until December 2019…
GoldJanuary 14th 2020
Indian Commerce Ministry Seeks Drastic Cut in Gold Import Duty
The country’s trade deficit dropped to $106.84 billion during the initial eight-month period of the…
GoldJanuary 14th 2020
India Gold Bar Imports Dipped 6%
In rupee terms, the gold bar imports were down by 5.06% from INR 3200.32 Crores…
GoldJanuary 13th 2020
Gold-backed ETF Holdings Hit All-Time Record
Region-wise, North American funds saw largest inflows of 206t, with AUM rising by 14.4% over…
GoldJanuary 13th 2020
U.S. Gold Exports Declined 19%
The top foreign market for U.S. gold exports was the U.K.
GoldJanuary 10th 2020
Gold ETFs Recorded Inflows After a Period of Six Years
As per data, the 14 gold-linked ETFs reported investment of INR 16 crores during the…
GoldJanuary 10th 2020
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