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Car Scrap

Your car also has an expiration date, just like everything else in life. It is then that you consider the option of selling it off as a scrap. Local junk yards and scrap car buyers offer fair price for scrap cars.

Selling a Scrap Car

Locating junk yards and scrap car buyers near you is not always easy. The Scrap Monster scrap yard finder tool will assist you in making this challenging task simple.

The user can contact them directly by filling an online enquiry form by providing the details of the vehicle such as car make and model, its age, condition etc., Most of the junk yards may provide online estimate. If satisfied, the customer can drop off the vehicle at the yard in return for cash.

Procedure for Scrapping a Car

The first step is to obtain quotes for your end-of-life vehicle from different car scrap buyers. After detailed analysis of the terms and conditions and prices offered by various buyers, choose who you want to sell the car to. Make title documents and other necessary paperwork ready. Contact the buyer, arrange for pickup of your vehicle and collect the cash.

Documents required to scrap your car

The owner of the car can sell his old car anywhere in the county without much hassles. He/She needs to provide certain documents such as:

In case, you are trying to sell a vehicle not in your ownership, you may be asked to furnish documents including the vehicle registration and your driver’s license. The lack of possession of title may affect the car's overall worth in scrap market.

The Most Valuable Parts of a Scrap Car

One of the most valuable parts of a scrap car is its Engine. Another car part that may fetch you money is catalytic converter, especially due to the presence of precious metals such as palladium, rhodium and platinum in it. Some of the other valuable parts in a scrap car are:

Car Scrap Parts Prices in the United States

*These prices are market indicators only, actual prices may vary depending on your item.

AC Pump3.500$US/each16 Apr 2024
AC Pump0.300$US/lb16 Apr 2024
Alternators7.000$US/each16 Apr 2024
Aluminum Wheels18.001$US/each16 Apr 2024
Batteries8.000$US/each16 Apr 2024
Caliper No Bracket1.000$US/each16 Apr 2024
Caliper with bracket3.000$US/each16 Apr 2024
Chrome Wheels0.600$US/lb16 Apr 2024
Power Steering Pumps2.000$US/each16 Apr 2024
Starters0.400$US/lb16 Apr 2024
Starters Large5.000$US/each16 Apr 2024
Starters Small3.000$US/each16 Apr 2024
Steel Case Batts0.200$US/each16 Apr 2024
Tractor Aluminum Wheels0.600$US/lb16 Apr 2024

What Determines Scrap Car Prices?

There are several factors that determine scrap car prices. A good knowledge about these factors is important to help you in arriving at a final decision on whether the estimates provided by scrap yards are reasonable or not.

A few of the key factors that play a key role in determining scrap car prices are:

Scrap yards offer a price for your scrap car after making an evaluation of how much money they can make by selling metals and parts recovered from them after demolition. In general, reputable scrap yards offer you a few dollars more.

Additionally, there are certain websites that calculate the price you can get for your car, after comparing the scrap yard prices in the region.

The profitability depends on various factors. For instance, the price of scrap metal varies widely from year to year and also from one region to other. Also, current market demand has a great bearing on scrap metal prices.

The table below provides rough estimate of how much various models of your scrap car will get paid at junk yards.

Car Scrap Prices for Common Models in the United States

*These prices are market indicators only, actual prices may vary depending on your model, conition and location.

Acura CL$375 - $97510 Feb 2023
Acura RSX$675 - $190010 Feb 2023
Audi A7$675 - $430010 Feb 2023
BMW - 320$250 - $267510 Feb 2023
BMW - 325$475 - $325010 Feb 2023
Cadillac CT6$375 - $235010 Feb 2023
Cadillac CTS$375 - $75010 Feb 2023
Chevrolet - Van$375 - $97510 Feb 2023
Chevrolet 1500$425 - $110010 Feb 2023
Chevrolet Caprice$275 - $90010 Feb 2023
Chevrolet Captiva Sport$750 - $790010 Feb 2023
Chevrolet S-10$895 - $670010 Feb 2023
Chevrolet Tahoe$675 - $425010 Feb 2023
Chevrolet TrailBlazer$475 - $290010 Feb 2023
Chrysler Sebring$350 - $190010 Feb 2023
Dodge Caravan$750 - $235010 Feb 2023
Dodge Neon$425 - $190010 Feb 2023
Ford - E150$875 - $425010 Feb 2023
Ford - E350$450 - $290010 Feb 2023
Ford - E350 Super Duty$550 - $325010 Feb 2023
Ford - Expedition$750 - $290010 Feb 2023
Ford - F-150$675 - $370010 Feb 2023
Ford Crown Victoria$650 - $397510 Feb 2023
Ford Fiesta$250 - $345010 Feb 2023
Ford Flex$775 - $370010 Feb 2023
Ford Windstar$250 - $85010 Feb 2023
Honda Accord$475 - $210010 Feb 2023
Hyundai Sonata$475 - $210010 Feb 2023
Jeep Liberty$450 - $230010 Feb 2023
Kia Soul$425 - $325010 Feb 2023
Kia Sportage$675 - $370010 Feb 2023
Mazda Mazda3$450 - $175010 Feb 2023
Mazda Mazda6$425 - $230010 Feb 2023
Mercedes-Benz - C-Class$425 - $320010 Feb 2023
Mercury Cougar$350 - $90010 Feb 2023
MINI Cooper S$750 - $470010 Feb 2023
Nissan Murano$750 - $235010 Feb 2023
Nissan Quest$750 - $320010 Feb 2023
Nissan Versa$425 - $190010 Feb 2023
Pontiac Montana$650 - $230010 Feb 2023
Saturn Ion$375 - $190010 Feb 2023
Scion xB$275 - $97510 Feb 2023
Toyota Sienna$475 - $210010 Feb 2023
Toyota Tundra$775 - $290010 Feb 2023
Volkswagen CC$375 - $190010 Feb 2023
Volvo S60 Inscription$375 - $190010 Feb 2023

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