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Study Group Published Lead And Zinc Statistics Bulletin
The lead mine production totalled 1.099 million tonnes in Jan-Mar ‘20.
ZincJune 01, 2020
Crude Steel Production Saw Drastic Decline in South America
The above five countries together accounted for over 98% of the total regional production in April 2020.
Steel NewsJune 01, 2020
ISRI Elects New Slate of National Officers
At the helm of the team of new leaders is Chair Gary Champlin of Champlin Tire Recycling (Concordia, KS).
Waste & RecyclingJune 01, 2020
New ITA-RMI Tin Assessment Criteria Training
The 2-hour training will be conducted virtually in English on June 23, 2020 and in Chinese on July 7, 2020.
TinJune 01, 2020
Recycling Contamination Up 40% in Marion County, IN as Hoosiers Make More Waste at Home
This time can be an appropriate one for residents to learn more about recycling in their neighborhoods and learn about what recycling looks like in their households.
Waste & RecyclingJune 01, 2020
AIIS Customs Corner: Pipe Spool Entry Reporting
CBP has attached a sample entry document to the Update demonstrating the correct and incorrect ways to file such entries/entry summaries.
Steel NewsJune 01, 2020
Machine Turns Plastic Food Containers Into PPE in Charlotte, NC
The machine will then mold the plastic into certain shapes, known as filaments.
Waste & RecyclingJune 01, 2020
COVID-19 Emergency Funding Call for Responsible Supply Chains
These immediate impacts on women, men and children in ASM communities also represent increased risks to global supply chains.
TinJune 01, 2020
Crossville Inc. Recycled Almost 134M Pounds of Porcelain in the Last Decade
Through its TOTO partnership, Crossville receives preconsumer-fired porcelain toilets that do not meet quality standards.
Waste & RecyclingJune 01, 2020
British Court Hearing on Venezuela’s Gold Claim to be Held in June
The court will have to decide who between President Nicolas Maduro or opposition leader Juan Guaido could represent Venezuela in the case.
GoldMay 29, 2020
ERI’s Box Program Focuses on Contactless Disposition of IT Assets
The recycling boxes are available for technology, lamps and batteries.
E-waste RecyclingMay 29, 2020
Plans of  Exchange-based Scrap Metal Exports Trading Put on Hold
The reform requires amendment of several legislative laws, before it can be finally implemented.
Metal Recycling NewsMay 29, 2020
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