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AISI: U.S. Raw Steel Production Surged
The adjusted year-to-date raw steel production by the U.S. totaled 54.197 million NT through the week ended July 20, 2019.
Steel NewsJuly 23, 2019
IGPC Proposes Rampant Gold Sector Reforms
The envisaged growth of banks to bullion banks will help in building market infrastructure and developing liquidity in the physical market.
GoldJuly 23, 2019
New Milford Takes First Step to Ban Plastic Bags
The move is aimed at reducing the use of plastics by encouraging shoppers to bring their own recyclable bags.
Plastic RecyclingJuly 23, 2019
Conifex Timber Curtails Production in Mackenzie
The curtailments will be for a period of two weeks starting July 29, 2019.
Rubber and WoodJuly 23, 2019
Scrap Metal Recycler Seeks Permit to Operate in Hobart
A meeting with the Hobart's Board of Zoning Appeals and Plan Commission is scheduled to be held Aug 1, 2019.
Metal Recycling NewsJuly 23, 2019
DS Smith to Build New State-of-the-Art CHP Plant at Kemsley Paper Mill in Kent
The state-of the-art solution will help the company to meet its long-term energy requirements.
Paper RecyclingJuly 23, 2019
SDI Predicts Robust Steel Market Dynamics in H2 2019
The company’s steel operations reported operating income of $295 million.
Steel NewsJuly 23, 2019
WBMS Metals Balances Reveals Deficit Market for Primary Aluminum
The total stocks of aluminum at the London Metal Exchange (LME) reported net increase in May.
AluminumJuly 23, 2019
Tata Steel Targets Expansion of Crude Steel Capacity to 30 Million Tonnes
Tata Steel foresees significant potential for increase in steel demand in the country over the long term.
Steel NewsJuly 23, 2019
22nd July, 2019: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Unmoved on Index
In the Hallmarked category, the 14 carat gold scrap prices remained unchanged at $ 804.33 per Oz.
Scrap PricesJuly 23, 2019
Tri-Cities Waste Paper Facility Closure Trashes Regional Recycling Efforts
The market conditions that have created many of the recycling woes in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia extend beyond the region and even beyond the country.
Waste & RecyclingJuly 23, 2019
22nd July, 2019-North American Scrap Metal Prices Witnessed Marginal Decline on Index
The prices of Copper Radiators inched lower by $0.01 per Lb.
Scrap PricesJuly 23, 2019
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