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Scrap Metal Prices

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Copper Aluminum Electronics
Hard Drives0.650$US / Lb
Mouse/Keyboard0.030$US / Lb
Lithium-Ion Battery1.300$US / Lb
Computer/Server (Complete)0.340$US / Lb
Printer/Fax0.030$US / Lb
CPU Processors20.000$US / Lb
Motherboards2.500$US / Lb
Cellular Phones4.250$US / Lb
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ChinaView All

Stainless Steel Lead Copper
6063 Extrusions16150.00-50CNY / MT
Aluminum Radiators9350.000CNY / MT
Aluminum Transformers8950.000CNY / MT
E.C. Aluminum Wire17300.00-50CNY / MT
#1 Copper Bare Bright68250.00400CNY / MT
Copper Transformer Scrap11650.000CNY / MT

IndiaView All

Brass/Bronze Aluminum Copper
Lead ingot182000.000Rupee / Ton
Aluminum ingots205000.000Rupee / Ton
Aluminum utensil scrap197000.000Rupee / Ton
Copper wire bars (HCL*)752000.003000Rupee / Ton
Copper cable scrap747000.003000Rupee / Ton
Copper heavy scrap737000.003000Rupee / Ton

EuropeView All

Steel Aluminum Copper
Lead Batteries820.000$US / Tonne
Lead Scrap1800.000$US / Tonne
Aluminum Cuttings1350.000$US / Tonne
Copper Dry Bright6000.000$US / Tonne
Braziery Copper4400.000$US / Tonne
Copper Tube5200.000$US / Tonne

Metal Futures prices

CMEView All

Copper3.771-0.02$US / Lb
Gold1975.70-5.1$US / Oz
Silver24.3950.05$US / Oz
Palladium1316.00-40.5$US / Oz
Platinum1013.20-2.1$US / Oz

SHFEView All

Aluminum18710.00170CNY / Ton
Copper67290.00460CNY / Ton
Lead15180.0010CNY / Ton
Zinc20150.00220CNY / Ton
Rebar3520.0059CNY / Ton

Steel Prices

United StatesView All

Hot-rolled Band1194.00-17$US / MT
Cold-rolled Coil1289.00-76$US / MT
Standard Plate1785.00-10$US / MT
Shredded Scrap473.00-29$US / MT

China MainlandView All

Hot-rolled Band475.00-26$US / MT
Cold-rolled Coil561.00-19$US / MT
Standard Plate522.00-21$US / MT
Rebar453.00-22$US / MT

Metal Prices

Base MetalsView All

Alumina 98.5% min42156.4110.01$US / MT
Aluminum Alloy A356320490.45320487.74$US / MT
Aluminum Alloy ADC12273258.700$US / MT
Aluminum Fluoride 61% min127185.300$US / MT
Aluminum hydroxides 64.5% min26419.800$US / MT

Minor Metals View All

Ammonium heptamolybdate 54% min28067.22-3466982.58$US / MT
Ammonium metavanadate 98% min15503.44-1771365.16$US / MT
Ammonium Tetrathiomolybdate 56% min27647.24-3424473.96$US / MT
Antimony Ingot 99.65% min11561.75-1190969.25$US / MT
Antimony Ingot 99.85% min11705.39-1205488.61$US / MT

Rare Earth View All

Cerium carbonates TREO 45% min, CeO2 / REO 100%760.00-85630.7$US / MT
Cerium Metal 99% min 3260.00-372318.64$US / MT
Cerium oxides 99.9% min780.00-94659.6$US / MT
Cerium oxides 99.99% min 5450.00-623157.52$US / MT
Dysprosium Metal 99.5% min355.09-43665.71$US / Kg

Raw MaterialsView All

Cast Iron Z18-22487.19-54926.53$US / MT
Pig Iron L8-10 457.06-51250.1$US / MT
S.G. Cast Iron Q10-12488.08-55104.92$US / MT
Steel Billet HRB335 150x150 mm 532.06-58816.1$US / MT
Steel Billet Q235 150x150 mm 513.60-56930.52$US / MT

FerroalloysView All

Calcium-silicon 28-551591.40-170310.04$US / MT
Calcium-silicon 30-581619.80-173925.56$US / MT
Ferro-boron B 18%, C 0.5%max3807.72-369753.48$US / MT
Ferro-chrome Cr 52%min, C 8%max1242.29-133970.47$US / mt 50-basis
Ferro-chrome Cr 55%min, C 0.1%max2081.52-224124.48$US / mt 60-basis

RefractoriesView All

Amorphous Graphite 75%min 0-3mm336.70-34963.1$US / MT
Amorphous Graphite 80%min 20-50mm371.96-38590.12$US / MT
Amorphous Graphite 80%min 200mesh min382.62-39677.82$US / MT
Calcined Bauxite 85%min 1-3mm402.94-39841.1$US / MT
Calcined Bauxite 87%min 1-3mm458.60-46085.08$US / MT

Scrap Prices at Yards

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#1 Brass Scrap111USD/LB
#2 Brass Scrap1.21.21.2USD/LB
70/30 Brass Scrap1.831.831.83USD/LB
Brass Borings0.620.620.62USD/LB
Brass breakage0.30.30.3USD/LB

Scrap Marketplace

Pure copper scrap for sale with…
Pure copper scrap for sale with…
California, United States,
May 30, 2023
Clean ac/fridge compressor scrap…
Clean ac/fridge compressor scrap…
California, United States
May 28, 2023
Pure copper scrap with 99.99%…
Pure copper scrap with 99.99%…
California, United States
May 30, 2023
Electric motor scrap for sale
Electric motor scrap for sale
California, United States
May 28, 2023
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