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Scrap Metal Prices

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Stainless Steel Lead Copper
6063 Extrusions16300.00-150CNY/MT
Aluminum Radiators9000.00-50CNY/MT
Aluminum Transformers8600.00-50CNY/MT
E.C. Aluminum Wire17600.00-150CNY/MT
#1 Copper Bare Bright66750.00-100CNY/MT
Copper Transformer Scrap11450.000CNY/MT

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Brass/Bronze Aluminum Copper
Lead ingot180000.001000Rupee/Ton
Aluminum ingots197000.00-1000Rupee/Ton
Aluminum utensil scrap188000.00-1000Rupee/Ton
Copper wire bars (HCL*)716000.004000Rupee/Ton
Copper cable scrap705000.004000Rupee/Ton
Copper heavy scrap695000.004000Rupee/Ton

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Steel Aluminum Copper
Lead Batteries820.000$US/Tonne
Lead Scrap1800.000$US/Tonne
Aluminum Cuttings1350.000$US/Tonne
Copper Dry Bright6000.000$US/Tonne
Braziery Copper4400.000$US/Tonne
Copper Tube5200.000$US/Tonne

Metal Futures prices

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Steel Prices

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Hot-rolled Band920.0025$US/MT
Cold-rolled Coil1143.00-13$US/MT
Standard Plate1447.0021$US/MT
Shredded Scrap396.000$US/MT

China MainlandView All

Hot-rolled Band441.00-8$US/MT
Cold-rolled Coil529.00-6$US/MT
Standard Plate456.00-5$US/MT

Metal Prices

Base MetalsView All

Alumina 98.5% min447.18-17.32$US/MT
Aluminum Alloy A3563204.90450$US/MT
Aluminum Alloy ADC122652.34-44.53$US/MT
Aluminum Fluoride 61% min1228.2212.59$US/MT
Aluminum hydroxides 64.5% min267.88-8.87$US/MT

Minor Metals View All

Ammonium heptamolybdate 54% min29633.12-727.85$US/MT
Ammonium metavanadate 98% min10881.77-829.83$US/MT
Ammonium Tetrathiomolybdate 56% min29253.13-777.96$US/MT
Antimony Ingot 99.65% min12121.46-194.56$US/MT
Antimony Ingot 99.85% min12287.39-223.59$US/MT

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Raw MaterialsView All

Cast Iron Z18-22458.26-29.61$US/MT
Pig Iron L8-10 431.27-28.76$US/MT
S.G. Cast Iron Q10-12454.52-32.76$US/MT
Steel Billet HRB335 150x150 mm 483.37-30.36$US/MT
Steel Billet Q235 150x150 mm 465.78-29.86$US/MT

FerroalloysView All

Calcium-silicon 28-551372.72-90.35$US/MT
Calcium-silicon 30-581436.40-67.63$US/MT
Ferro-boron B 18%, C 0.5%max3148.41-122.81$US/MT
Ferro-chrome Cr 52%min, C 8%max1177.23-26.86$US/mt 50-basis
Ferro-chrome Cr 55%min, C 0.1%max2000.23-98.21$US/mt 60-basis

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Scrap Prices at Yards

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Red Brass Turnings Scrap1.71.71.7USD/LB
Brass Faucets Scrap0.830.830.83USD/LB
Brass Heater Cores Scrap1.181.181.18USD/LB
Brass Pipe Scrap1.951.951.95USD/LB
Brass Radiators Prepared Scrap1.361.361.36USD/LB
Brass Radiators Unprepared0.580.580.58USD/LB
Brass Shavings Scrap0.960.960.96USD/LB
Brass Shell Casings Scrap1.111.111.11USD/LB
Brass Water Meter Scrap1.761.921.59USD/LB
Composition Brass Scrap1.41.41.4USD/LB

Scrap Marketplace

Shipment available for recycled…
Shipment available for recycled…
Dubayy [Dubai], United Arab Emirates
April 20, 2024
Shipment available for pet flakes…
Shipment available for pet flakes…
Dubayy [Dubai], United Arab Emirates
April 20, 2024
For sale: carbon anode 4-10 mm
For sale: carbon anode 4-10 mm
Dubayy [Dubai], United Arab Emirates
April 20, 2024
For sale: carbon black / carbon…
For sale: carbon black / carbon…
Dubayy [Dubai], United Arab Emirates
April 20, 2024
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