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Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

Current catalytic converter scrap prices from various buyers in the United States. These prices are market indicators only, actual prices may vary depending on your item. Prices are updated daily. Check out our catalytic converter dealers directory to find your nearest catalytic converter scrap buyers.

Aftermarket$US 24.00$US 1.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Air Tube$US 91.00$US 2.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
BL/Thick Pipe$US 296.00$US 6.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Camry$US 141.00$US 2.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Diesel$US 13.00$US 0.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Domestic Foil$US 29.00$US 1.00$US/lb05 Dec 2022
Elite/Pig HI$US 1062.00$US 34.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Exotic Small$US 541.00$US 15.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Exotic/Fat Slant Low$US 626.00$US 16.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Foreign Foil$US 32.00$US 1.00$US/lb05 Dec 2022
Foreign Large$US 375.00$US 8.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Foreign Medium$US 306.00$US 7.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Foreign Pre/Hg Pre$US 125.00$US 2.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Foreign Small$US 243.00$US 5.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
GM$US 259.00$US 6.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
GM AC/BL Thin Pipe$US 152.00$US 4.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
GM Medium(4DOT)$US 206.00$US 6.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
High Grade Domestic$US 227.00$US 5.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
JEEP$US 237.00$US 5.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Jumbo Bead$US 128.00$US 3.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Low Grade Foreign$US 170.00$US 3.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Low Pre$US 56.00$US 0.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
O2 Slant$US 483.00$US 16.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
O2 Straight$US 701.00$US 23.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
REG Pre$US 83.00$US 1.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Regular Bead$US 51.00$US 0.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
SE 5 Line$US 263.00$US 6.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
SE 6 Line$US 344.00$US 9.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
SE High Grade$US 646.00$US 15.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
SE Low (10 Line,13 Line)$US 160.00$US 1.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
SE Medium/Smooth$US 309.00$US 7.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Small Flow$US 121.00$US 3.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Standard Domestic$US 178.00$US 4.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Super Exotic/Fat Slant HI$US 762.00$US 24.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Torpedo 3B$US 534.00$US 10.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Torpedo 4B(Round/Oval)$US 289.00$US 12.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Torpedo HI$US 967.00$US 32.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
XBODY$US 317.00$US 8.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
Xl Foreign$US 457.00$US 13.00$US/each05 Dec 2022
AC Pump3.500$US/each05 Dec 2022
AC Pump0.250$US/lb05 Dec 2022
Alternators6.000$US/each05 Dec 2022
Aluminum Wheels17.000$US/each05 Dec 2022
Batteries5.500$US/each05 Dec 2022
Caliper No Bracket1.000$US/each05 Dec 2022
Caliper with bracket3.000$US/each05 Dec 2022
Chrome Wheels0.670$US/lb05 Dec 2022
Power Steering Pumps2.000$US/each05 Dec 2022
Starters0.350$US/lb05 Dec 2022
Starters Large5.000$US/each05 Dec 2022
Starters Small2.500$US/each05 Dec 2022
Steel Case Batts0.160$US/each05 Dec 2022
Tractor Aluminum Wheels0.670$US/lb05 Dec 2022
Palladium1771.000$US/oz08 Dec 2022
Platinum1771.000$US/oz08 Dec 2022
Rhodium13100.000$US/oz08 Dec 2022

Catalytic Converter

What is catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is a unit that fits into the front part of exhaust system of a vehicle, close to the engine. It’s usually made of metal and ceramic honeycombs or blocks.

What does a catalytic converter do?

A catalytic converter reduces the emission of gaseous pollutants, such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons (HCs).

Catalytic converters use platinum, palladium, or rhodium as catalysts to break down the hydrocarbons in gasoline, which produce carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned fuel – aka toxic waste products! The catalytic process also burns off other chemicals like nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SOx), and particulate matter.

Types of Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are available in different types like oxidation catalyst, dual bed catalyst, and three-way.

Oxidation Catalyst - The first type of catalytic converter is an oxidation catalyst. This type of catalyst decreases harmful pollutants like CO (carbon monoxide) & HC (fuel hydrocarbon) within the exhaust. At the same time, it frequently utilizes an inferior air injection. But, this type of catalyst simply decreases a part of the pollutants.

Dual-bed Catalyst - This is the second type of catalyst which provides more perfection. This type of catalyst mainly works within two stages where the first stage assists in decreasing the emission quantity from NiO2. The second phase responds through the hydrocarbons which are formed through unburned carbon mono oxide & fuel. In two stages, the manufacturers will provide the secondary air injection.

Three-Way Catalytic Converter - This is the last type of converter which aids in changing the dangerous gases into harmless generated from the car engine. The car engine will exhaust different gases which include hazardous substances that cause harm to the atmosphere like NiO2, CO, CO2, etc. These converts mainly change them into less harmful CO2, nitrogen & water.

Catalytic converter scrap price

When it comes to scrapping a car, the catalytic converter is often one of the most valuable parts.

Since they are made from rare metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium, they can fetch a high price for the Catalytic converter at the scrapyard.

But not all catalytic converters are created equal. Some cars have converters that are worth more than others.

In general, luxury cars and sports cars tend to have the most expensive converters. This is because they often have larger engines that require more powerful catalytic converters. As a result, scrap yards will pay more for these parts.

Catalytic converter scrap

Catalytic converter scrap price
Catalytic converter scrap price
Catalytic converter scrap price
Catalytic converter scrap price

Catalytic Converter Scrap Buyers


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