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Brass/Bronze Scrap Prices

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United States Brass/Bronze Prices

CommodityNorth AmericaEast CoastMidwestWest Coast
70/30 Brass Scrap1.99-0.031.98-0.031.97-0.032.00-0.03
80/20 Brass Scrap2.27-0.032.27-0.032.26-0.032.28-0.03
85/15 Brass Scrap2.41-0.032.42-0.032.40-0.032.42-0.03
Brass Radiator1.91-0.031.91-0.031.90-0.031.92-0.03
Brass Radiator /Fe0.65-0.020.65-0.020.64-0.020.66-0.02
Brass Radiator Ends0.24-0.010.24-0.010.23-0.010.25-0.01
Red Brass2.15-0.032.15-0.032.14-0.032.16-0.03
Rod Borings1.90-0.031.90-0.031.87-0.031.90-0.03
Yellow Brass1.99-0.031.98-0.031.97-0.032.00-0.03

China Brass/Bronze Scrap Prices

Brass Radiator30000.0000%CNY / MT
Red Brass35600.0000%CNY / MT
Yellow Brass32900.0000%CNY / MT

India Brass/Bronze Scrap Prices

Brass Cuttings 261000.0000%Rupee / Ton
Brass utensil scrap350000.0000%Rupee / Ton

Europe Brass/Bronze Scrap Prices

70/30 Brass Scrap3550.0000%$US / Tonne
85/15 Brass Scrap3750.0000%$US / Tonne
Brass Cuttings 3500.0000%$US / Tonne
Brass Radiator2450.0000%$US / Tonne
Mixed Brass 3550.0000%$US / Tonne