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Copper Scrap Prices Paid by Scrap Yards in Ontario, Canada

The copper scrap prices listed below are state averages paid by scrap yards in Ontario state.
  • "Average Price" indicates the average copper scrap price paid by all scrap yards listed.
  • "High Price" indicates the average for the highest copper scrap prices paid by all scrap yards listed.
  • "Low Price" indicates the average for the lowest copper scrap prices paid by all scrap yards listed.
MaterialAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice UnitPrice Date
#1 Copper Bare Bright Scrap3.833.833.83USD/LB2021-01-26
#1 Copper Pipe Scrap2.622.622.62(USD/LB)2019-12-10
#1 Copper Scrap3.403.403.40USD/LB2021-01-13
#1 Copper Tube Scrap2.752.752.75USD/LB2020-03-04
#1 Copper Wire Scrap2.622.622.62USD/LB2019-12-10
#1 Insulated Copper Wire1.791.791.79USD/LB2021-01-26
#1 Strippable Wire Scrap2.702.702.70USD/LB2021-01-26
#2 Copper Scrap3.153.153.15USD/LB2021-01-13
#2 Insulated Copper Wire1.001.001.00USD/LB2021-01-26
#2 Insulated Copper Wire 40% Recovery Scrap1.021.021.02USD/LB2020-06-10
#2 Insulated Copper Wire 50% Recovery Scrap1.281.281.28USD/LB2021-01-25
#2 Low Grade Copper Wire 40-49% Recovery0.990.990.99(USD/LB)2020-11-24
#3 Copper Scrap2.892.892.89USD/LB2021-01-13
#3 Insulated Copper Wire Scrap1.681.681.68USD/LB2020-03-27
Alternator Scrap0.300.300.30USD/LB2019-10-22
Bare Bright Copper Scrap3.743.743.74USD/LB2021-01-25
Brass C Metal Scrap2.322.322.32(USD/LB)2021-01-25
Copper Aluminum Radiators1.301.301.30USD/LB2020-09-23
Copper Auto Radiators Scrap1.791.791.79(USD/LB)2020-11-24
Copper Contents Scrap0.090.090.09(USD/LB)2020-11-24
Copper Radiators Scrap1.541.541.54USD/LB2018-05-26
Copper Radiators Scrap (Dirty)
Copper Transformer Scrap0.450.450.45USD/LB2021-01-25
Copper Turnings Scrap2.952.952.95USD/LB2021-01-25
Cu/Al Radiator Ends Scrap0.740.740.74USD/LB2020-04-08
Cu/Al Radiators /Fe Scrap1.071.071.07USD/LB2021-01-04
Cu/Al Radiators Scrap1.481.481.48USD/LB2021-01-25
Cu/Brass Radiator Scrap1.671.671.67USD/LB2021-01-25
Electric Motors Scrap0.150.150.15USD/LB2018-05-26
Harness Wire Scrap0.960.960.96USD/LB2021-01-25
Heater Cores Scrap1.501.501.50USD/LB2021-01-25
Household Copper Wire1.461.461.46USD/LB2021-01-25
Insulated Copper Wire Scrap 60% Recovery1.831.831.83USD/LB2021-01-25
Insulated Copper Wire Scrap 70% Recovery1.841.841.84USD/LB2020-03-04
Insulated Teck Cable Scrap0.160.160.16USD/LB2020-01-21
Low Grade Copper Wire 30-39% Recovery0.470.470.47(USD/LB)2020-11-24
Low Grade ICW0.070.070.07USD/LB2020-05-07
Starters Scrap0.210.210.21USD/LB2020-12-08
Xmas Lights Scrap0.120.120.12USD/LB2021-01-25

Ontario Copper Scrap Price Chart

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