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Aluminum Scrap Prices Paid by Scrap Yards in Lexington, South Carolina, United States

The aluminum scrap prices listed below are state averages paid by scrap yards in Lexington.
  • "Average Price" indicates the average aluminum scrap price paid by all scrap yards listed.
  • "High Price" indicates the average for the highest aluminum scrap prices paid by all scrap yards listed.
  • "Low Price" indicates the average for the lowest aluminum scrap prices paid by all scrap yards listed.
MaterialAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice UnitPrice Date
Al/Cu Reefers Scrap1.211.211.21USD/LB2021-09-20
Al/Cu Reefers Scrap w/ Fe1.071.071.07USD/LB2021-09-20
Aluminum Cans Scrap0.350.350.35USD/LB2021-09-20
Aluminum Cast Scrap0.40.40.4USD/LB2021-09-20
Aluminum Extrusion Scrap0.460.460.46USD/LB2021-09-20
Aluminum MLC Clips Scrap0.410.410.41USD/LB2021-09-20
Aluminum Old Sheet Scrap Clean0.320.320.32USD/LB2021-09-20
Aluminum Painted Siding Scrap0.390.390.39USD/LB2021-09-20
Aluminum Sheet Scrap0.340.340.34USD/LB2021-09-20
Aluminum Wheels Clean Scrap0.530.530.53USD/LB2021-09-20
Aluminum Radiators Scrap0.170.170.17USD/LB2020-09-21
Aluminum Coolers Scrap0.130.130.13USD/LB2020-04-06
6061 Aluminum Scrap0.360.360.36USD/LB2019-09-17
6063 Aluminum Scrap0.50.50.5USD/LB2019-09-17
Irony Aluminum Scrap0.140.140.14USD/LB2019-09-17
Al/Cu Radiators /Fe Scrap0.70.70.7USD/LB2019-08-20
Al/Cu Radiators Scrap0.990.990.99USD/LB2019-08-20
Aluminum Breakage Scrap 25% Recovery0.060.060.06USD/LB2019-08-20
Aluminum Breakage Scrap 50% Recovery0.130.130.13USD/LB2019-08-20
E.C. Aluminum Wire Scrap0.480.480.48USD/LB2019-08-20
Insulated Aluminum Wire Scrap0.20.20.2USD/LB2019-08-20
Aluminum Reefer Ends0.390.390.39USD/LB2019-07-01
Breakage 50% Recovery Scrap0.130.130.13USD/LB2019-06-17
Aluminum Turning Scrap0.030.030.03USD/LB2019-03-18
Aluminum Clean Die Cast Scrap0.460.460.46USD/LB2018-05-07

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