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Starters Scrap

Starters Scrap are found in cars, trucks and other vehicles. They are filled with copper wire inside. The copper wire content offers scrap metal value to them.

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What Are Starters Scrap?

Starters are found in cars, trucks and other vehicles. They are filled with copper wire inside. The copper wire content offers scrap metal value to them. They must be free of large attachments. The starters in automotives have limited life and require frequent replacement.

Starters Scrap Price

The copper content inside the Starters decides its price. The prices can vary from yard to yard. The sellers of Starter scrap may cross check with a number of nearby yards to obtain best price for their scrap.

Given below is a table which provides the export price of Starters across different parts of the world as of mid-August, 2020.



North America, USA East Coast

$ 0.24 per Lb

USA West Coast

$ 0.23 per Lb

USA Midwest

$0.24 per Lb

Source : ScrapMonster

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The Scrap Yard Prices section which provides the details of market price offered by various scrap yards for Starters Scrap.

Where can you sell Starters scrap?

Please note that Starters scrap is not accepted by all scrap metal yards. In general, all auto recyclers may be willing to buy this category of scrap. Hence make sure that your local scrap yard accepts Starters scrap and that reasonable to fair prices are offered for the sold materials.

It is advisable to open the unit and separate the materials. However, if you have only limited quantity of Starters scrap, it is advisable to sell them in the same condition as they exist, because the operation to break them apart is quite labor-intensive.

A list of few scrap yards in the US that accept Starters is provided below:

  1. -Brothers Auto Salvage, Cadet, Missouri.
  2. -Metalico Elizabeth, Elizabeth, New Jersey.
  3. -DUSA Metals Recycling, Knoxville, Tennessee.
  4. -Cooter Enterprises, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska.

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Similarly, the list of scrap yards in Canada is easily available in Scrap Yards in Canada.

Having loads of Starters Scrap?

The Starters in cars, trucks and other automobiles needs to be replaced with new ones periodically, thereby resulting in huge quantities of scrap starters. If you have large amount of Starters, it is advisable to spend time removing wires out of it, so as to obtain the best pricing.

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