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Minor Metals Prices

Zirconium Prices

Fused zirconia Zr (Hf) O2 98.5% min EXW China654266.61-638.83(-0.1%)$US / MT23 Dec 2021
Zirconium Carbonates Zr (Hf) O2 40% minEXW China493695.8717033.95(3.57%)$US / MT23 Dec 2021
Zirconium Carbonates Zr (Hf) O2 40% min, Cl 50ppmEXW China511943.1121091.91(4.3%)$US / MT23 Dec 2021
Zirconium Oxychloride Zr (Hf) O2 36% minEXW China347886.327831.92(2.3%)$US / MT23 Dec 2021
Zirconium silicate Zr (Hf) O2 64.5% minEXW China294650.891186.25(0.4%)$US / MT23 Dec 2021
Zirconium sponge Zr + Hf 99.4% minEXW China3089.4250.86(1.67%)$US / Kg23 Dec 2021

Zirconium Price Charts