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Minor Metals Prices

Tungsten / Tungsten Prices

Thorium Tungsten Electrode ThO2 1.7-2.2%EXW China55.06-1.31$US/Kg17 Apr 2024
Tungsten APT 88.5% minEXW China25242.02-222.67$US/MT17 Apr 2024
Tungsten bar W-4 99.9% minEXW China39.68-0.35$US/Kg17 Apr 2024
Tungsten bar W-4 99.9% minFOB China39.23-0.63$US/Kg17 Apr 2024
Tungsten carbide 99.8% min 2.5-7.0?mEXW China37.32-0.38$US/Kg17 Apr 2024
Tungsten carbide 99.8% min 2.5-7.0?mFOB China38.10-0.37$US/Kg17 Apr 2024
Tungsten ore WO3 65% minEXW China17136.24-107.17$US/MT17 Apr 2024
Tungsten oxides WO3 99.95% minEXW China28369.35-343.08$US/MT17 Apr 2024
Tungsten Powder 99.95% min 2.5-7.0?mEXW China37.90-0.35$US/Kg17 Apr 2024
Tungsten Scrap Anvil 90% minEx-VAT Delivered China27.47-0.49$US/Kg17 Apr 2024
Tungsten Scrap CNC Cutting Blades 70% minEx-VAT Delivered China24.38-0.53$US/Kg17 Apr 2024
Tungsten Scrap Drills 70% minEx-VAT Delivered China26.13-0.59$US/Kg17 Apr 2024
Tungsten APT 88.5% minWarehouse Rotterdam32170.88736.96$US/MT24 Feb 2022
Tungsten APT 88.5% minFOB China31991.68757.12$US/MT24 Feb 2022
Tungsten ore WO3 50% minFOB South Africa27924.961187.2$US/MT24 Feb 2022
Tungsten oxides WO3 99.95% minFOB China32368.00669.76$US/MT24 Feb 2022
Tungsten Scrap Grinding Swarf W 70% min, Co 5% minEx-VAT Delivered China30317.281044.96$US/MT24 Feb 2022

Tungsten / Tungsten Price Charts