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Alternator Scrap

Alternators are found in cars, trucks and other vehicles. It contains wound copper wire inside it.

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What Is Alternator?

Alternators are found in cars, trucks and other vehicles. It contains wound copper wire inside it. Generally, Alternators are generator devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Modern automobiles make use of Alternators to charge the battery and to power the electrical system, when the engine is running.

Alternator Scrap Price

Given below is a table which provides the listing of Alternator export prices in different parts of the world as of mid-August, 2020.



North America

$ 0.32 per Lb

USA East Coast, West Coast

$ 0.31 per Lb

USA Midwest

$0.32 per Lb

Source : ScrapMonster

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The Scrap Yard Prices Section which provides the details of market price offered by various scrap yards for Alternator Scrap.

Where can you sell Alternator scrap?

Please note that all scrap metal yards do not accept Alternator scrap. This category of scrap will be generally accepted by auto recyclers. The price of the alternator may vary depending upon its size and weight. Hence make sure that your local scrap yard accepts alternator scrap and offers good price for it.

In a way, alternators are similar to electric motors in the sense that both contain copper windings enclosed in steel outer casing. However, alternators often carry higher prices mainly because greater amount of copper can be obtained from them.

A list of few scrap yards in the US that accept Alternator is provided below:

  1. -Blue Sky Recycling (Kentucky), Louisville, Kentucky.
  2. -National Metal Recyclers, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  3. -Cumberland Recycling Inc., Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
  4. -Reclame Inc., Barton, Vermont.

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Similarly, the list of scrap yards in Canada is easily available in Scrap Yards in Canada.

Do you have large quantities of Alternator Scrap with you?

The alternators in cars, trucks and other automobiles require periodic replacement with new ones. This results in huge quantities of alternator scrap. Being a great source of copper, they carry high pricing too.

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