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Cu Yokes Scrap

Cu Yokes Scrap are a series of weaved copper wire with a plastic cone around. These are found on the back of tube televisions.

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What Are Cu Yokes Scrap?

Cu Yokes Scrap are a series of weaved copper wire with a plastic cone around. These are found on the back of tube televisions.

Cu Yokes Scrap Price

The copper wire inside determines the price of Cu Yokes. The scrap yards generally classify these copper wires as #2 due to the likely presence of shellac coating residue on it. The prices may vary depending on the way different scrap yards treat these materials, mainly due the weight of cone-shaped plastic around it. Alternatively, one may remove the copper wire and sell it separately.

The table below provides a listing of Cu Yokes prices as of mid-August, 2020.



North America

$ 0.50 per Lb

USA East Coast, West Coast

$ 0.50 per Lb

USA Midwest

$0.49 per Lb


CNY 16,300 per MT

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Where can you sell Cu Yokes scrap?

Cu Yokes can be sold as it is in scrap yards. Also, it may be worthwhile to separate the copper windings to increase the value of the scrap. The copper wires separated from any glass or plastic content will increase the selling price. Scrap yards and dealers may pay you the price of #2 copper for the winding. Please ensure that the copper yoke wire is not mixed with bare bright copper wire as it may lower the price of bare bright.

A list of few scrap yards in the US that accept Cu Yokes is provided below:

  1. Joshua’s Recycling, East Boston, Massachusetts.
  2. Carolina Scrap Processors Inc., Anderson, South Carolina.
  3. AHS Scrap Metal LLC, Lilburn, Georgia.
  4. Tricore, Lake Bluff, Illinois.

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Having large quantities of Cu Yokes Scrap?

If you have bulk quantities of television sets or computer monitors to be disposed of, it is always better to get in touch with local recycling yards. Searching over the internet may help you in locating potential buyers overseas.

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