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Copper Transformer Scrap

Copper Transformer Scraps consists of copper windings surrounding a steel core. The copper windings may also be covered by an outer case.

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What Is Copper Transformer Scrap?

Copper Transformer Scraps consists of copper windings surrounding a steel core. The copper windings may also be covered by an outer case.

There are transformers that are aluminum-wound also. However, the conductivity and durability features make copper a better alternative than aluminum. Power distribution utilities make use of large number of copper transformers at substations. Copper is the preferred choice for medium-to-large transformers.

Copper Transformers are found in power supply boxes and domestic appliances. Power transmission utilities use large sized Copper Transformers.

Copper Transformer Scrap Price

A listing of Copper Transformer Scrap export prices in different regions across the world is provided below. Please note that these prices are as of mid-August, 2020.



North America

$ 0.35 per Lb

USA East Coast, West Coast

$ 0.34 per Lb

USA Midwest

$0.35 per Lb


CNY 10,600 per MT

Source : ScrapMonster

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Where can you sell Copper Transformer Scrap scrap?

There are Copper Transformers of various sizes. The price can vary based on its weight. Also, the prices are subject to change quite frequently. It is necessary for the seller to confirm the prices before taking the Copper Transformer scrap to the yard. The final scrap yard price for Copper Transformer depends on the content of copper inside.

A list of few scrap yards in the US that accept Copper Transformer Scrap is provided below:

  1. -Newark Recycling Center, Newark, Delaware.
  2. -Redco Recycling, Panama City, Florida.
  3. -Bud’s Iron & Metal, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
  4. -Copper State Metals, Phoenix, Arizona.

Scrap Yard Finder is your best bet to help locate more scrap yards in your region.

Scrap Monster provides database that lists all of the scrap yards in the US and Canada.

Having large quantities of Copper Transformer Scrap?

Construction job sites and demolition sites are likely to have piles of Copper Transformer Scrap. Scrap yards are generally interested to take in bulk quantities of Copper Transformer Scrap, mainly because they contain copper wire inside, which can be recovered and sold for good price.

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