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Aluminum Scrap ISRI Code : Taint

Aluminum Utensil Scrap

Aluminum Utensil Scrap consists of aluminum sheets and sheet utensils including cooking pots. They must be free of iron and foreign materials.

What Is Aluminum Utensil Scrap?

Aluminum Utensil Scrap consists of aluminum sheets and sheet utensils including cooking pots. They must be free of iron and foreign materials.

ISRI Specification

In accordance with the latest Scrap Specifications Circular 2017 released by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Aluminum Utensil Scrap may be included in the ISRI Code ‘Taint’.

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Aluminum Utensil Scrap Price

Aluminum utensils are expensive when compared with aluminum utensils. However, paying higher price is often considered as an investment due to the high value of scrap aluminum utensils. It must be noted that stainless steel scrap utensils generally carry no value.

The table below provides Aluminum Utensil scrap export prices as of mid-August, 2020.




INR 136,000 per Ton

Source : ScrapMonster

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Where can we sell Aluminum Utensil Scrap Price?

Aluminum Utensil scrap is a category of scrap in high demand as they are extensively used in making new aluminum based products. It can be recycled for cash at local scrap yards across the world. Please note that Aluminum Utensil Scrap is worth good money at the scrap yard. You just need to identify the right scrap yard that offers fair price for your scrap.

The following are some of the scrap yards in the US that accept Aluminum Utensil Scrap.

  1. Integrity Metals, Morristown, Indiana.
  2. GSD Scrap Metal, Houston, Texas.
  3. Aleris International, Uhrichsville, Ohio.
  4. Dublin Scrap Metal, Newark, New Jersey.

Scrap Yard Finder is your best bet to help locate more scrap yards in your region.

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Have bulk quantity of Aluminum Utensil Scrap with you?

Aluminum Utensils fetch good money even after use. The utensil manufacturers generally source raw material from scrap traders, who in turn collect scrap aluminum from commercial as well as retail customers. Hence, the market potential for this category of scrap is extremely high.

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