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Steel ISRI Code : 200, 201, 202

#1 Heavy Melting Scrap

#1 Heavy Melting Scrap (#1 HMS) is one of the two major categories of HMS which comprises of recyclable steel and wrought iron. It must be free of galvanized and blackened steel.

What Is #1 Heavy Melting Scrap?

#1 Heavy Melting Scrap (#1 HMS) is one of the two major categories of HMS which comprises of recyclable steel and wrought iron. It must be free of galvanized and blackened steel.

Wrought iron and/or steel scrap above 1/4 inch in thickness compressed to charging box size. Individual pieces are not to exceed 60 x 24 inches, so as to be consistent with charging box type to insure compact charging in a furnace.

There are different categories of #1 HMS such as #1 HMS 5 feet x 24 inches as described above, #1 HMS 3 feet x 18 inches and #1 HMS 5 feet x 18 inches, depending on the charging box size.

ISRI Specification

As per the latest Scrap Specifications Circular 2017 released by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), #1 Heavy Melting Scrap are referenced by codes 200, 201 and 202.

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#1 Heavy Melting Scrap Price

The #1 HMS is one among the widely traded items, especially in the Western Hemisphere. It carries higher price when compared with #2 HMS or Mixed scrap such as HMS 80/20,HMS 70/30 etc. If your HMS has galvanized or blackened steel, scrap yards will classify them as #2 HMS, which will be paid less.

The table below provides #1 Heavy Melting Scrap export prices as of mid-August, 2020.



North America, US East Coast

$210 per Lb

US Midwest, US West Coast

$210 per Lb


CNY 1,630 per MT


US $170 per Tonne

Source : ScrapMonster

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Where can we sell #1 Heavy Melting Scrap?

The #1 HMS could be taken to any nearby scrap yard that accepts ferrous scrap. The price paid by the yards is dependent on the size and quality. The content of material determines the quality of scrap. Ensure that the scrap meets the requirements to be qualified as #1 HMS, else yards may pay you less by treating them as generalized steel scrap.

The following are some of the scrap yards in the US that accept #1 Heavy MeltingSteel Scrap.

  1. New England Metal Recycling LLC, Portland, Maine.
  2. H&H Scrap Metal, West Fargo, North Dakota.
  3. Borneo Recycling, Las Cruces, New Mexico.
  4. Thaxton Recyling, Dalhart, Texas.

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Having bulk quantity of #1 Heavy MeltingScrap with you?

Construction sites and Building demolition sites generate huge quantities of #1 HMS. Since the materials must follow minimum size requirements with respect to thickness, the bundled scrap material will often have high densities. Get in touch with full service scrap yards to arrange on-site pickup of the material at best market rate.

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