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Precios de metales chatarra

Scrap Prices updated on 27, January 2023.Los precios mostrados tienen tres meses de antigüedad. Para precios en vivo Suscríbete a Premium

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MercancíaCosta esteMedio OesteCosta oeste
6063 Extrusiones0.84(0.01)0.84(0.02)0.84(0.01)
6061 Extrusiones0.69(0.01)0.68(0.01)0.69(0.01)
#1 de cobre desnudo brillante3.42(0)3.41(0)3.51(0)
#1 alambre de cobre y tubos3.32(0)3.31(0)3.41(0)
#2 alambre de cobre y tubos3.22(0)3.21(0)3.31(0)
Latón Amarillo1.98(0)1.97(0)2.00(0)
Motores Eléctricos chatarra0.33(0)0.32(0)0.33(0)
Hoja Vieja0.75(0.01)0.74(0.01)0.75(0.01)
Radiadores de Al / Cu1.80(0)1.78(0)1.82(0)
Antiguo moldeada0.75(0.01)0.74(0.01)0.75(0.01)
Zorba el 90% NF0.70(0.01)0.69(0.01)0.70(0.01)
304 Acero Inoxidable Sólidos0.79(0)0.79(0)0.79(0)


6063 Extrusiones16250.00-100CNY / MT
Radiadores de aluminio9400.00-50CNY / MT
#1 de cobre desnudo brillante63300.00600CNY / MT
#1 alambre de cobre y tubos60300.00600CNY / MT
Latón Amarillo33500.00100CNY / MT
Chatarra de Transformadores de Cobre11200.0050CNY / MT
# 1 HMS1630.000CNY / MT
Alambre de aluminio CE17400.00-100CNY / MT
Transformers Aluminio8950.00-50CNY / MT
Radiador de latón30200.0050CNY / MT
Chatarra de Hierro Fundido1730.000CNY / MT
201 Acero Inoxidable7850.00-100CNY / MT
304 Tornerado de Acero Inoxidable13800.00-150CNY / MT


Barras de alambre de cobre (HCL) *657000.0013000Rupee / Ton
Lingotes de aluminio200000.005000Rupee / Ton
Lingote de plomo177000.001000Rupee / Ton
placa de Estaño1275000.000Rupee / Ton
Níquel catódicos1890000.0017000Rupee / Ton
Chatarra de Cable de Cobre652000.0013000Rupee / Ton
Chatarra de Cobre Pesado642000.0013000Rupee / Ton
Armeture Cobre642000.0013000Rupee / Ton
Chatarra utensilio Cobre650000.0013000Rupee / Ton
Corte de chapas de cobre331000.0013000Rupee / Ton
Utensilio Latón chatarra351000.003000Rupee / Ton
Aluminio utensilio chatarra192000.005000Rupee / Ton
Cortes de latón262000.003000Rupee / Ton


Copper Dry Bright6000.000$US / Tonne
Braziery Cobre4400.000$US / Tonne
Tubo de cobre5200.000$US / Tonne
Cortes de latón3500.000$US / Tonne
laton Mixto3550.000$US / Tonne
Estacas de aluminio1350.000$US / Tonne
Chatarra de Plomo1800.000$US / Tonne
Baterías de plomo820.000$US / Tonne
Foundry Corto Acero0.000$US / Tonne
Grado OA placa estructural180.000$US / Tonne
Grado 1 de acero viejo (# 1 5 pies)160.000$US / Tonne
Grado 2 de acero viejo (# 2 de 2 pies)155.000$US / Tonne
Autos y Camiones Motores0.000$US / Tonne

Daily Scrap Market Reports

26th January, 2023: Scrap Gold Prices Soared, Platinum and Silver Dropped on Index

26th January, 2023: Scrap Gold Prices Soared, Platinum and Silver Dropped on Index

In the Hallmarked category, the 14 carat gold scrap prices went higher by $5.70 per Oz.
26th January, 2023: Chinese Scrap Metal Prices Unmoved on Index

26th January, 2023: Chinese Scrap Metal Prices Unmoved on Index

309 SS and 316 SS prices held steady when compared with the prior day.
25th January, 2023: North American Scrap Metal Prices Unmoved on Index

25th January, 2023: North American Scrap Metal Prices Unmoved on Index

The price of Romex Wire witnessed no change during the day.
25th January, 2023: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Soared on Index

25th January, 2023: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Soared on Index

In the Hallmarked category, the 14 carat gold scrap prices were up by $ 3.35 per Oz.

Factors Influencing Scrap Metal Prices

Here is a list of some of the key factors that affect the price of scrap metals.

Demand and Supply

Recycled scrap metals are extensively used in various industries including technology, construction, and transportation.The rise and fall in scrap metal prices correspond to the demand from these and other related industries.

A high demand and low supply situation will boost metal prices in yards. On the contrary, low demand and abundant supply position will result in lower scrap prices.

Domestic Market Direction

The scrap industry participants keep a close watch on movements within financial markets, especially the ticker symbols of major companies which belongs to industries regarded as primary consumers of scrap metal. The domestic metal foundries, mills, processors and manufacturers in the U.S. too play a key role in determining the prices.

International Market Trends

The scrap metal prices are largely affected by fluctuations in international markets, which are the important destinations of exported scrap metal. Any change in demand in primary scrap consuming countries like India, China and Turkeyis definitely going to impact prices. For instance, any fall in demand may result in a price dip, whereas boosted demand may lift scrap prices.

Prices of Virgin Metals

Another factor that determines the prices of scrap metal is the price of new metals in the market. In the event of notable rise in new metal prices, companies will switch to recycled metal, in line with their cost savings strategy. This in turn will result in higher prices to match the increased demand. Conversely, a dip in new metal prices will lead to less purchases of scrap metal, which in turn will lower prices.


The bad quality of scrap is yet another limiting factor when it comes to pricing. A scrap metal of lower quality contain high quantities of trace elements in it. The scrap yards will need to spend more resources to make them clean, before they could be processed for recycling. Clean and properly segregated scrap always fetches higher price, rather than unclean and assorted scrap.Scrap Specifications Circular by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) provides guidelines for buying and selling a variety of processed scrap commodities, including ferrous, nonferrous, paper, plastics, electronics, rubber, and glass.


Generally, scrap dealers prefer bulk purchases of scrap metal, as it reduces their overall cost of procurement. It is advisable not to sell scrap loose, but accumulate them to a bulk quantity in order to get better price from dealers.

Production and Supply Chain Costs

The scrap metals are often transported from one scrap yard to another, during the various stages of processing. A constrained supply chain, fuel prices and dearth of adequate transportation facilities may lead to increased costs, thus affecting scrap metal pricing. Also, scrap prices are directly proportional to production costs, which mainly depends on labor costs and energy prices.

Climatic Conditions

The scrap metal demand is higher during warmer months of the year, as compared with colder months. The busier industrial activities during summer demand more recycled metals. The heightened demand would drive scrap metal prices higher during those times. Meantime, slowdown in industrial activity coupled with transportation constraints on account of icy roads will have bearing on prices of scrap metals, just like on any other commodity.


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