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August 26th 2016 Info Dog Security and the Spencer Police Department offered residents the opportunity to have paper records and data storage materials shredded and recycled during a Community Shred Day Thursday.
August 23rd 2016 The AF&PA statistics indicate that the US boxboard production dropped by 2.5% in July 2016, when matched with the previous year.
August 19th 2016 The supervisory boards of Laakirchen Papier AG and Heinzel Holding GmbH, paper companies headquartered in Austria, have approved a €100 million investment by Heinzel to strengthen the company’s paper mill in Laakirchen, Austria.
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August 17th 2016 Cascades Inc., has announced that it has taken majority ownership in a tissue converting plant in Grand Prairie, Texas.
August 8th 2016 Recycling Management Resources (RMR) has announced plans to build a new paper recycling facility in Barton, Alabama.
August 5th 2016 Catalyst Paper Corporation has decided to make an investment of $2.7 million in its Biron, Wisconsin mill.
August 3rd 2016 The American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) has released the paper production and shipment statistics for the month of June this year.
July 29th 2016 The company shreds about 2,000 tons of paper in a year, Thorson estimated.
July 28th 2016 Memphis, Tennessee headquartered packaging and paper major International Paper has announced that it has reached a historic milestone by producing over 2 billion recyclable, water-resistant packages.
July 26th 2016 Canada’s leading tissue paper maker Kruger Products L.P. has announced investment of $55 million at its Crabtree plant in northeast of Montreal.
July 25th 2016 The OCC export prices out of the UK recorded significant jump from $160 per tonne levels recorded during early-April to $167 per tonne towards the end of June this year.
July 16th 2016 Verso Corp., the papermaker that employs more than 560 at its mill in Jay, has emerged from bankruptcy.
July 15th 2016 The new product, named the ‘FlexSHIELD paperboard barrier coating’ is the final result of over three years of extensive research and field tests.
July 13th 2016 The US paper and paperboard production dropped to 79 million tons in 2015, as compared with 83 million tons in 2010.