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Call2Recycle Declared Record-Breaking U.S. Battery Collection in 2020
Call2Recycle maintained regular operations across the U.S., with Covid-19 only directly affecting its staff mildly.
March 3rd 2021
Aqua Metals' Patented Process to Recover Metals from Li-Ion Batteries
The testing phase, involving proprietary AquaRefining technique, had produced encouraging results.
February 25th 2021
Leading Industry Groups Celebrate Major Milestones with Battery Recycling
The battery collection by Call2Recycle partners has increased substantially by 77% from 2019 to 3.2…
February 25th 2021
Heritage Group Partners to Launch New U.S. Battery Recycling Facility
As per agreement, the Heritage Battery Recycling facility will provide turnkey solutions to safe and…
February 22nd 2021
Vermont Approves Call2Recycle’s Five-Year Primary Battery Stewardship Plan
As part of a sustainable economy, batteries are collected, sorted and processed by chemistry.
February 22nd 2021
Aqua Metals Invests in LINICO, a Cleantech Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Innovator
Aqua Metals and three other innovative companies plan to form an eco-network that intends to…
February 18th 2021
Call2Recycle Recycled 8.4 Million Pounds of Batteries in 2020
The news release from Call2Recycle noted that the rechargeable battery collections recorded a decline of…
February 17th 2021
Carmaker Unveiled New Pilot Li-Ion Battery Recycling Plant
The plant makes use of an innovative and carbon-dioxide saving recycling process that does not…
February 3rd 2021
Battery Recycler Li-Cycle Earns Prestigious Certifications
Li-Cycle is one of the largest lithium-ion battery recyclers in the North American region.
January 22nd 2021
WasteCare Opened UK's First Full-Scale Battery Recycling Plant
The plant will treat batteries collected from various collection points across England, Scotland and Wales.
January 20th 2021
Li-Cycle Partnership Completed Battery Recycling Pilot
The black mass thus produced will be used to produce battery-grade materials.
January 12th 2021
Province Partners with Cal2Recycle to Launch New Battery Recycling Program
Cal2Recycle’s established drop off locations across the province, including all SARCAN depots will form part…
January 1st 2021
Aqua Metals Achieves Significant Improvements to its Sustainability Focused Battery Recycling Technology
The V1.25L program concluded with a multi-day 24/7 endurance run that ended on December 24.
December 29th 2020
IHS Markit Foresees Rapid Expansion of Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Industry
Currently, recycled materials account only for a small portion of the battery supply chain.
December 10th 2020
Li-Cycle Opened New $175 Million Battery Recycling Facility
According to company press release, Spoke 2 will produce an intermediate mixed battery material product,…
December 3rd 2020