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Since Nov, 2017
J&M Industrial, Inc. supplies surplus industrial process and packaging machinery for the chemical, plastics, and mineral processing industries. Air compressors are used in a number of applications at workshops, industrial work areas, and garages. Quality used conveyors can add value to any material…
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Since Aug, 2013
Adkins Recycling purchases all types of nonferrous metals. We also purchase the usual variety of ferrous materials as well as electronics. We offer the area's only fully paved facility. Small enough to treat customers like family, large enough to handle any job.
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Since Jan, 2012
Precision is a full-service, custom metals fabricator that works primarily with steel, aluminum and copper.We employ Certified Welding Inspectors and continually invest in our people and facilities to ensure we meet the highest standards.We serve our customers from responsive, well-equipped production…
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Since Oct, 2018
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