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Since Jan, 2020
We are scraping Our vessel (MT Aris) because of some technical issues I would want to know if your firm is interested in buying it , I have recommended it for scrap value ( though is in good working condition) I want I and you to work together to buy it. I could also influence the deal to our benefit…
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Since Nov, 2019
RAK GHANI GLASS LLC is a Glass bottles manufacturing company located in RAK UAE.
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Since Aug, 2019
We are leading of trading company in South Korea. Our main sale item is LCD Panels ( NEW, Original ) , sale brand : LG, Samsung, Hydis and others ( AUO, Sharp, CM etc ) and Electronic components, Surplus stock . Now we'd like sale our stock by your sife    - 
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Since Aug, 2018
Viva Verde LDA is a registered trading company situated in the capital city of Cape Verde islands. We specializes in importation and distribution of food items, drinks and tobacco, and the exportation of scrap metal and glass. Our collective mission is to increase the people's purchasing power through…
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Since Aug, 2017
Qingdao Joysun New Materials Co., Ltd. has been established at 2003 and is located in Qingdao city, Shandong province, China.  We are producing and exporting many kinds of glass all over the world. All the glass meet the standard of USA , Europe, Australia and Japan, etc with the advantages of…
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Since Jun, 2016
Super Refractory Fiber Co., Ltd. can produce all kinds of Ceramic Fiber Products and Bio-soluble Fiber Products such as bulk, blanket, board, module, paper etc. with production capacity of more than 20,000 tons per year. In the field of ceramic fiber equipment sets, Super develops complete equipment…
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Since Mar, 2016
Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. locates at centre China. The major railway intersection of Jingguang and Longhai is close to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. To expand its import and export business, Sunrise has established long-term business with dozens of customer all over the world…
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Since Feb, 2015
We are a professional supplier of various makeup mirror, it includes bath mirror, LED lighted mirror, brass mirror, room mirror, table mirror, wall mounted mirror and handle mirror etc. The excellent quality and high craftsmanship makes our makeup mirror popular and hot sale in the whole world.
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Since Jul, 2012
WE WILL OFFER YOU THE BEST OF YOUR DEMANDS. Mega company LTD is a company managed by group of professionals who have hardcore specialized experience in International Trading by virtue of working from the grass root level to top levels and is a well recognised company in international trading. As a result…
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Since May, 2012
Copper scrap AQSIQ Iron scrap AQSIQ Steel scrap AQSIQ Other metal scrap AQSIQ Recycled plastic AQSIQ Textile waste AQSIQ Waste paper AQSIQ
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Since Dec, 2011
ASFOUR Crystal is a globally recognized name that is synonymous with unique quality and decades of dedication. Once voiced, the words ASFOUR Crystal bring to mind images of precision cuts, unmatched clarity and luminous, colourful sparkle. With more than 50 years of experience in the field of crystal…
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Since Apr, 2011
we buy differnt scrap metal ,needs HMS1 AND COOPER ,,PRICE TXM
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Since Feb, 2011
Trucking is my business and a part of it is collecting the redeemed bottles and beverage containers for my vendors ,i am also responsible to get rid of this mataerial currently i am sitting on 7 48x102 trailers filled to the roof front to back with glass bottles which are in there card board cases this…
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