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E-waste Recycling

CTA Honors Outstanding Innovators of Consumer Technology Industry
The winners of the CTA awards in various categories were Matthew Diamond of Nokia Technologies;…
October 2nd 2017
Cumberland County Electronics Recycling Collection Exceeds Target
The recycling center has serviced more than 1,400 customers during the first 16 days of…
September 26th 2017
The US Recycled 630 Million Pounds of Used Electronics in 2016: CTA
The recycling weight has more than doubled when compared with 2009.
September 13th 2017
ERI Calls For Increased Focus on Data Security
To maintain profitability, ERI has repositioned itself as a secure method of electronic disposal, capitalizing…
September 11th 2017
CMI Develops New Acid-Free Rare-Earth Magnet Recycling Process
For shredded magnet-containing electronic wastes, the process does not require pre-processing such as pre-sorting or…
September 11th 2017
Iowa Electronics Recycler Faces Action For Alleged Dumping of CRTs
Meantime, sources indicate that the company has also failed to make repayment of a loan…
August 18th 2017
Wisconsin Electronics Recycler Announces $20 Million Expansion
The expansion project is funded by nearly half-a-million dollars in tax credits over the next…
August 15th 2017
California Announces Expansion of Offender E-Waste Recycling Program
Offenders at the California Institution for Men in Chino will collect and sort e-waste, and…
August 4th 2017
Who Will Clean Up Silicon Valley’s Growing Heap of Electronic Waste?
Unlike ordinary household trash, e-waste contains heavy metals and hazardous chemicals.
August 1st 2017
It's High Time to Take Disposal of E-Waste More Seriously!
The generation of e-waste is set to exponentially increase, given that more and more of…
July 17th 2017
Uber drives Averda's massive electronic waste recycling initiative
The campaign highlighted the importance of recycling by focusing on its numerous benefits including significant…
July 5th 2017
Sims Recycling Solutions Lend Helping Hand to R2 Certification Process
Sims Recycling Solutions helped the facilities with language translations and internal audits to make them…
June 29th 2017
Tech giant pledges to recycle one-fifth of its global e-waste by 2025
ASUS has established e-waste recycling programs running in 14 countries, in order to protect the…
June 23rd 2017
ERI’s nationwide recycling facilities earn NAID AAA certification
The company now is the electronics recycler with the largest NAID certified footprint in the…
June 16th 2017
ERI’s inventive e-cycleNYC program named “Top Project of the Year”
According to sources, Environmental Leader’s expert panel of judges provided exemplary rating to the ecycleNYC…
June 8th 2017