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Aluminum Scrap Prices Paid by Scrap Yards in Georgia, United States

The aluminum scrap prices listed below are state averages paid by scrap yards in Georgia state.
  • "Average Price" indicates the average aluminum scrap price paid by all scrap yards listed.
  • "High Price" indicates the average for the highest aluminum scrap prices paid by all scrap yards listed.
  • "Low Price" indicates the average for the lowest aluminum scrap prices paid by all scrap yards listed.
MaterialAverage PriceHigh PriceLow PricePrice UnitPrice Date
6061 Aluminum Scrap0.500.500.50USD/LB2021-01-22
6063 Aluminum Scrap0.450.450.45USD/LB2020-02-04
ACSR Wire Scrap0.280.280.28USD/LB2019-03-25
Al/Cu Radiators /Fe Scrap0.910.910.91USD/LB2019-08-12
Al/Cu Radiators Scrap1.041.041.04USD/LB2019-08-12
Al/Cu Reefers Scrap0.950.950.95USD/LB2020-02-04
Al/Cu Reefers Scrap w/ Fe0.750.750.75USD/LB2020-02-04
Aluminum Breakage Scrap0.080.080.08USD/LB2019-08-12
Aluminum Cans Scrap0.390.390.39USD/LB2021-01-22
Aluminum Cast Scrap0.340.340.34USD/LB2021-01-22
Aluminum Coolers Scrap0.290.290.29USD/LB2021-01-22
Aluminum Mixed Die Cast Scrap0.300.300.30USD/LB2019-06-26
Aluminum MLC Clips Scrap0.400.400.40USD/LB2021-01-22
Aluminum Painted Siding Scrap0.380.380.38USD/LB2021-01-22
Aluminum Radiators /Fe Scrap0.060.060.06USD/LB2019-08-12
Aluminum Radiators Scrap0.230.230.23USD/LB2019-08-12
Aluminum Reefer Ends0.430.430.43USD/LB2018-12-26
Aluminum Sheet Scrap0.300.300.30USD/LB2021-01-22
Aluminum Siding Scrap0.320.320.32USD/LB2019-03-18
Aluminum Wheels Clean Scrap0.540.540.54USD/LB2021-01-22
Automobile Radiators Scrap1.451.451.45USD/LB2019-02-18
E.C. Aluminum Wire Scrap0.550.550.55USD/LB2019-08-12
Irony Aluminum Scrap0.150.150.15USD/LB2020-09-22
UBC Scrap0.580.580.58USD/LB2018-05-07

Georgia Aluminum Scrap Price Chart

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