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Steel Dynamics' Income From Metals Recycling Division Surged 24%
The huge jump in demand from domestic steel mills resulted in 7% jump in recycled…
April 19th 2018
Exports of Precious Metal Scrap by the U.S. Soared 44%
The top five sources of import were Germany, Canada, Singapore, the UK and China.
April 13th 2018
U.S. Nickel Waste and Scrap Exports Through February Surged 45%
The top five markets for U.S. imports were the UK, Russia, Canada, Germany and China.…
April 13th 2018
Ukraine’s Draft Law Proposes Steep Hike and Extension of Scrap Export Duty
The law, which entered into force in August 2017, had fixed the scrap metal export…
April 11th 2018
Exports of Scrap Iron and Steel by the U.S. Surged 33%
The primary destination of scrap iron and steel exports from the US was Turkey.
April 11th 2018
U.S. Exports of Aluminum Waste and Scrap Surged 19% in Jan-Feb '18
The imports were down by 7% from $163.67 million in Jan-Feb ’17 to $151.95 million…
April 10th 2018
U.S. Exports of Copper Waste and Scrap Surged 30%
Canada received $60.36 million worth copper waste and scrap from the US during Jan-Feb ’18.
April 9th 2018
92 Citations Filed Against Ben Weitsman of New Castle
The state police had recently carried out an inspection of the metal recycling plant, which…
April 6th 2018
Schnitzer Steel Records 21% Jump in Ferrous Sales Volume
Schnitzer Steel shipped ferrous, non-ferrous and recycled auto parts to as many as 22 countries…
April 6th 2018
USTR's Newly Proposed Tariff Mainly Targets Chinese Metal Imports
It comprises of approximately 60 iron and steel products and almost 20 varieties of stainless…
April 6th 2018
China’s 25% Import Tariff on U.S. Aluminum Scrap Goes Into Immediate Effect
The Chinese government stated that the tariffs were a necessary countermeasure to the Section 232…
April 5th 2018
ISRI Hits Back At Proposal to Impose 25% Import Tariff on Aluminum Scrap
Incidentally, the US had exported nearly 820,000 metric tons of aluminum scrap worth $1.2 billion…
March 27th 2018
Scrap Metal Recycling Market to Grow at CAGR of 3.11%
The report identifies ArcelorMittal, Nucor, OmniSource, Sims Metal Management and American Iron & Metal as…
April 4th 2018
Ferrous Scrap Trade Exhibited Mixed Trend in February
The trade data published by the Japanese Ministry of Finance (MoF) indicates modest decline in…
April 4th 2018
South Korea’s Scrap Exports Dropped Sharply by 33%
The largest export destination of ferrous scrap exports from South Korea was Vietnam. The exports…
April 2nd 2018