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EMR Ordered to Sell Five Scrap Metal Recycling Businesses
The final report proposes partial divestiture of MWR in one or two packages.
August 15th 2018
Recycled Metal Market Predicted to Surpass $125 Billion by 2024
The North American recycled metal market was estimated at around $8.5 billion during the previous…
August 14th 2018
Alter Trading Announces Acquisition of Arkansas-based Scrap Metal Recycler
The acquired Arkansas facilities include two shredder operations located in North Little Rock and Rogers,…
August 14th 2018
U.S. Exports of Nickel Scrap Recorded Notable Surge
Meantime, the country’s imports of nickel waste and scrap surged higher significantly by 73.24% to…
August 9th 2018
ISRI’s Scrap Theft Online Tool Reaches 10,000 Users
The system recently celebrated more than 10,000 registered law enforcement users, which constitutes approximately 21…
August 9th 2018
U.S Exports of Aluminum Scrap Surged 21% in H1 2018
The top trade partner through June this year was China. The exports to China totaled…
August 8th 2018
Tata Steel: BIS Recycling Code for Steel Scrap  Entails Urgent Review
A timely revision of the classification code in compliance with international norms will result in…
August 7th 2018
LME Unveils Proposal to Launch Eight Additional Futures Contracts
Rule changes, if any, would be effective from Q4 this year.
August 7th 2018
U.S. Exported $2.26B of Precious Metal Scrap Until June This Year
The top trade partner during Jan-June ’18 was Germany. The exports to Germany totaled $550.43…
August 7th 2018
U.S. Copper Scrap Exports Surged 27% in H1 2018
The U.S. copper waste and scrap exports totaled $1.62 billion during Jan-June ’18.
August 7th 2018
Half-Yearly Exports of Scrap Iron and Steel Surged 40%
Meantime, the U.S imports of scrap iron and steel have increased by 19.6% year-on-year to…
August 6th 2018
Scrap Trade Data Exposed Mixed Trend During First Half of 2018
Thailand imported nearly 780,000 tons of scrap from January to June this year, recording a…
August 3rd 2018
LME Consults on Key Rule Changes to Enable Progression of Strategic Pathway
To facilitate the introduction of a broader range of contracts, the LME is proposing rule…
August 2nd 2018
Fontana Metal Recycler to Pay $170K in Fines For Alleged Violations
The investigation conducted by DTSC authorities had concluded that ASR generated multiple piles of soil…
August 1st 2018
Chicago Scrap Metal Recycler Expands Into Wisconsin
The purchase price is estimated at around $1.63 million.
July 31st 2018