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MRAI Predicts Massive Uptick in Ferrous Scrap Demand
The government is seen giving primary importance to boosting domestic scrap collection and processing.
February 25th 2020
Fire-Hit Northern Metal Becker Shredder Plant Ordered to Cease Operations
Meantime, Northern Metal Recycling did not immediately respond to the MPCA directives.
February 25th 2020
MRAI Highlights Vital Role Played by Aluminum Scrap in Nation’s Economy
MRAI welcomed government’s efforts to boost domestic scrap supply, but noted that scrap imports cannot…
February 25th 2020
How Rubicon and DAVACO Kept 161 Tons of Metal Out of Landfills
DAVACO field reps were dispatched nationwide with daily routes to complete removal of the fixtures…
February 21st 2020
Sims Metal Management Reported Net Loss in H1 FY20
The sales volume totalled 4.5 million metric tons in H1 FY20.
February 19th 2020
Ferrous Scrap Usage by U.S. Steel Mills Recorded Notable Surge
The U.S. steel mills consumed approximately 103 million mt of iron and steel scrap in…
February 19th 2020
ISRI 2019 Yearbook Elucidates on  Thriving U.S. Recycling Industry
The recycling industry contributes to the U.S. economy in terms of employment, tax generation and…
February 18th 2020
Indonesia will Ease Imports of Scrap Metal for Steel Industry
The Indonesian government will ease rules on the import of scrap metal for use as…
February 17th 2020
Scrap Import Trade Witnessed Mixed Trend in 2019
The recent trade data published by various countries points to mixed trend in scrap imports…
February 17th 2020
U.S. Precious Metal Scrap Exports Surged 22%
The U.S. shipments to the above top five foreign markets totalled $4.73 billion, accounting for…
February 14th 2020
U.S. Aluminum Scrap Exports See Notable Decline
The U.S. imported $791.91 million worth of aluminum scrap during the previous year.
February 14th 2020
Copper Waste and Scrap Exports Collapsed 11%
The above five countries together accounted for almost 58% of all shipments of copper waste…
February 13th 2020
Indonesia to Ease Restrictions on Scrap Metal Imports
The government intends to boost steel mill utilization rates by ensuring availability of scrap through…
February 13th 2020
U.S. Nickel Scrap Exports Posted Substantial Decline
Meantime, the U.S. imports of nickel scrap recorded a year-on-year jump by 2.95% in the…
February 12th 2020
Cross-Border Operations Lead W.Silver to More Sennebogan Scrap Handlers
Korey’s fleet includes both tracked and wheeled versions of the SENNEBOGEN 825 and 830 models,…
February 12th 2020