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EMR Metal Recycling to Scrap Decommissioned USS Charles F. Adams
The complete demilitarization of the prestigious ship is expected to be completed in 2021.
September 22nd 2020
Ferrous Scrap Imports Badly Hit by Drop in Demand from Steelmakers
The country imported 284,118 tonnes of ferrous scrap in August this year.
September 22nd 2020
China Announced Most Recent Batch of 2020 Scrap Metal Import Quotas
The data compiled by the Chinese Customs indicates that the country has sanctioned import quotas…
September 21st 2020
ISRI Commodity Spotlight Shared Optimistic Outlook on Ferrous Scrap Prices
The busheling scrap prices have surged higher by almost $10 per ton in September alone.
September 18th 2020
Steel Dynamics Foresees Lower Earnings From Steel Operations
The company expects earnings to range between $0.42 and $0.46 per diluted share in Q3…
September 18th 2020
ISRI Highlights Concerns Over Chinese Scrap Metal Import Policy
The lack of transparency on the part of Chinese Customs authorities has resulted in uncertainties…
September 18th 2020
Ferrous Scrap Imports Rebounded on Boosted Steel Output
The ferrous scrap imports by the country totalled 683,340t in August.
September 16th 2020
LME Highlights Metals as the Cornerstone of Sustainability
The Exchange extended support to trading activities for metals used in batteries, such as nickel,…
September 11th 2020
Exports of Precious Metal Scrap Rose, Says Census Bureau
The Canadian imports from the U.S. surged higher by nearly 40% over the previous year.
September 10th 2020
U.S. Exports of Copper Scrap Reported Notable Decline
In Jan-July ‘20, the top five trade partners were China, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia and…
September 10th 2020
Census Bureau Signals Notable Decline in Aluminum Scrap Exports
The U.S. imported $351.50 million worth of aluminum scrap during the first seven months of…
September 9th 2020
U.S. Exports of Nickel Scrap Reported Notable Decline
The primary importer of nickel waste and scrap from the US was Canada.
September 9th 2020
Exports of Scrap Iron and Steel Witnessed Substantial Decline
The topmost trade partner during Jan-July ‘20 was Turkey.
September 7th 2020
Global Scrap Metal Trade Reported Diverse Trend
The South Korean scrap imports in July totalled around 310,000 tons, down by 44% from…
September 7th 2020
Scrap metal shredder market expected to grow sustainably
COVID-19 crisis is influencing every aspect of the economy with growing volatility in the market…
September 1st 2020