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Steel Scrap Consumption Declined in First Half 2019
On the contrary, the Chinese steel scrap consumption surged higher by 20.7% to 103.28 million…
October 18th 2019
Metro Metals Northwest Announces Acquisition of Tacoma Metal Recycler
The acquisition is regarded as a strategic move, which will help Metro Metals Northwest to…
October 17th 2019
16th October, 2019-North American Scrap Metal Prices Declined on Index
The price of Alternator scrap remained unchanged over the previous day. The price of #1…
October 17th 2019
LME Group Announces Fee Schedule for 2020
In addition, LME Clear today announced it will be increasing collateral charges for gold and…
October 17th 2019
Metro Metals Buys Tacoma Yard to Grow Ferrous Exports
The company currently runs 12 trucks each day between Seattle and its Portland facility, an…
October 15th 2019
U.S. Aluminum Scrap Exports Slumped 6%
The primary importer of aluminum scrap from the U.S. was China. The value of exports…
October 14th 2019
China to Implement Stricter Standards to Regulate Scrap Metal Imports
As per reports, the plan proposes to further increase the content of aluminium and copper…
October 14th 2019
Survey of World Scrap Trade in August 2019
The Chinese scrap imports touched a new low of around 4,500 tons in August 2019.
October 11th 2019
U.S. Scrap Iron and Steel Exports Recorded Notable Decline
The topmost trade partner was Turkey. The exports to that country were valued at $696.56…
October 11th 2019
U.S. Nickel Scrap Exports Till August Dropped 24%
The key destination market for U.S. nickel scrap exports was Canada.
October 10th 2019
Council Approves Revisions to Scrap Metal Theft Bylaw
The major amendment to the bylaw now makes it necessary for salvage yards to register,…
October 10th 2019
DTSC is Toxic to California Metal Recycling Efforts
However, the state has an opportunity to salvage what remains of its metal recycling programs.
October 9th 2019
China Waste Policy Could Make or Break the Global Ferrous Scrap Market
China’s consumption of ferrous scrap remained unmatched globally in the first half of 2019, hitting…
October 8th 2019
Newco Metals Seeks Permit to Build New Smelting Plant in Indiana
Initially, Newco had planned to meet the BZA in August, but was postponed as the…
October 8th 2019
Scrap Steel Imports Tumbled to Zero, For the First Time in This Century
The decline is attributed to the tight curbs on imports of various solid waste categories.
October 3rd 2019