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Robust Steel Shipments Drive SDI's Q3 Income to Record High
Meantime, the company’s earnings from metal recycling platform reported decline during Q3 this year.
October 18th 2018
Respite From Trade War to Boost Non-Ferrous Market Recovery
On the contrary, Mexico recorded notable surge in imports of aluminum from the U.S.
October 18th 2018
Scrap Trade by Asian Countries Exhibited Mixed Trend
The scrap exports by Singapore declined by 14.2% in August 2018 to total around 60,000…
October 16th 2018
Market Update- 15th October, 2018: North American Scrap Metal Prices Unmoved on Index
Harness Wire 35% Recovery and Heater cores prices were flat on Index.
October 16th 2018
Massive Fire Breaks Out on Schnitzer Steel Barge in Canada
According to Schnitzer Steel, Canada officials, the barge was loaded with crushed auto bodies and…
October 15th 2018
U.S. Exports of Aluminum Scrap Surged 18% in Sep '18
The country’s aluminum scrap exports to China totaled $560.13 million.
October 15th 2018
U.S. Exports of Precious Metal Scrap Tops $3 Billion
Also, the imports of precious metals scrap recorded 12.24% increase during this period, from $1.14…
October 12th 2018
U.S. Exports of Nickel Scrap Surged 40% in Jan-Aug '18
The key destination market for U.S. nickel scrap exports was Canada.
October 12th 2018
Copper Scrap Exports by the U.S. Surged 24%
Through August this year, the top five trade partners were China, Canada, South Korea, Germany…
October 11th 2018
U.S. Exports of Scrap Iron and Steel Zoomed 36%
The top export market for scrap iron and steel from the U.S. was Turkey.
October 10th 2018
Scrap Import Trade Recorded Substantial Surge in August
The Turkish scrap imports had totaled only around 1.57 million tons in August 2017.
October 8th 2018
Soaring Ferrous Scrap Prices Drive Scrap metal Firm's Profits in 2017
The company’s turnover surged higher significantly by nearly one-third from £205 million to £272 million…
October 2nd 2018
Schnitzer Steel's Q4 Ferrous Volumes to Surge 17%
The operating income of Auto and Metals Recycling (AMR) division is expected to be in…
September 28th 2018
BIR Mirror: Ferrous Scrap Markets Bounced Back From Sudden Crash
The ferrous shipments from the Europe and the U.S. to the Indian subcontinent and other…
September 27th 2018
Scrap Trade Statistics of Key Countries in August 2018
Brazil’s scrap exports have surged higher by 27% from the same month in 2017 to…
September 25th 2018