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Global Market for Refined Lead Metal Ended in Deficit
The refined lead metal production during this period recorded a surge of 2.3% to total…
July 17th 2019
ILZSG: World Lead Market Deficit at 39,000 Tonnes
The refined lead metal production during this period recorded a jump of 2.3% to total…
June 21st 2019
Global Lead Supply to Exceed Demand by 71k Tonnes
The world lead mine production is expected to total 4.75 million tonnes in 2019.
May 16th 2019
Global Refined Lead Market Hit Modest Deficit in 2018
The world refined lead metal production grew slightly by 0.6% in 2018.
February 22nd 2019
Lead Market Deficit Reached 95,000 Tonnes Till Nov '18
The global lead mine output totaled 435.3 kt in Nov ’18.
January 22nd 2019
ILZSG: World Lead Market Deficit at 110,000 Tonnes
The ILZSG data indicates that monthly global lead mine output totaled 400.8 kt in Sep…
November 15th 2018
ILZSG Session/Forecasts: Lead Metal Outlook for 2018 and 2019
The world lead mine supply is likely to total 4.58 million tonnes in 2018, marginally…
October 9th 2018
ILZSG Publishes Refined Lead Supply-Demand Statistics for H1 2018
The global refined lead metal production increased marginally by 1.2% over the previous year to…
September 5th 2018
Global Nickel Market Faced Deficit in H1 2018
WBMS estimated the mine production during the six-month period at 1.027 million tonnes.
August 30th 2018
World Nickel Market at Marginal Deficit During Q1 2018
Global Nickel market ended in deficit, with apparent demand exceeding production by 32 kt during…
May 22nd 2018
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