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High Purity Metals Prices

Cobalt Prices

Cobalt foil 0,025mm purity 9995000Europe Regions16600.000(0%)EUR / 25x25mm18 Dec 2020
Cobalt foil 0,5mm purity 9995000Europe Regions11500.000(0%)EUR / 25x25mm18 Dec 2020
Cobalt lump 1,5cm cubes purity 9990000Europe Regions780.00-9(-1.14%)EUR / Gram18 Dec 2020
Cobalt pieces purity 9990000Europe Regions43500.000(0%)EUR / Kg18 Dec 2020
Cobalt powder -60mesh purity 9950000Europe Regions80200.000(0%)EUR / Kg18 Dec 2020
Cobalt powder 1,6 micron purity 9980000Europe Regions71800.000(0%)EUR / Kg18 Dec 2020
Cobalt rod 12,5mm purity 9995000Europe Regions20500.000(0%)EUR / 25 mm18 Dec 2020
Cobalt rod 5mm purity 9995000Europe Regions16200.000(0%)EUR / 50 mm18 Dec 2020
Cobalt wire 1,5 mm purity 9995000Europe Regions76800.000(0%)EUR / Meter18 Dec 2020
Cobalt wire 2,0 mm purity 9995000Europe Regions1.200(0%)EUR / Meter18 Dec 2020

Cobalt Price Charts