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Since Mar, 2019
We can supply cpu ceramic processor scrapsIntel 186 / 286 / 386 / 486 / Pentium / Pentium Pro / i860 / i960Cyrix 486 / 586 / MIIIBM 486 / 586 / 686Motorola 68000 / 88000 seriesNEC Toshiba MIPS series: R4000 / R8000 / R10000 / R12000
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Since Jan, 2019
We have large stock of Intel 286, 386 and 486 ceramic CPU scrap for sale. We can guarantee high yield gold recovery, you will get 32 CPUs in 1 lb. Minimum order is 15 lbs, prices depends on the size of your order.
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Since Sep, 2018
We wish to inform you about our new stock of High grade CPU Scrap Computers CPU's . Used Computer CPUs removed from a variety of machines and sorted into batches of Ceramic or Plastic casing . We can also source top grade CPUs. We are however prepared to supply a mixed container of any of our products.
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Since Jan, 2015
e-scrap recycling
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Since Feb, 2012
We sell all types of Used Copier machines Used Ricoh and Canon copier machines LDPE Film rolls LDPE Film baled BOPP Film Scrap Used CPU Processors Scrap Used Motherboards Scrap Used Electric Motors Scrap Used Alternators Scrap Copper Millberry Scrap Used Engines Scrap POLYURETHANE FOAM SCRAPS Used Nylon…
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Since Jan, 2012
The growing and developing profile ... Domestic Chemicals Mining and Precious Metals Industry Trade Inc. has been active in the precious metals sector since 1982. Since 1996, the company has mainly focused on the field of collecting, separating and recycling electronic / electrical equipment waste (e-waste)…
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