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US Ferrous Scrap Exports Surged 26% in June
The monthly scrap exports in June touched the highest levels in past ten months.
August 15th 2017
Indian Ferrous Scrap Imports See Marginal Jump in May
The ferrous scrap imports totaled 434,000 tons in May this year. This is the second…
August 14th 2017
MetalX to Build New Scrap Metal Processing Facility in Ohio
Upon completion of the initial phase, the facility will employ nearly 80 people and will…
August 10th 2017
Utah's premier scrap metal recycler announces major acquisition
The company announced that its existing Ogden yard will be moved to the Allied location…
August 3rd 2017
Russian Scrap Shipments Declined 29% During Jan-May '17
The Russian scrap exports totaled 393,759 metric tons in May 2017.
August 2nd 2017
Firmer scrap prices to steer bullish market sentiments: BIR Mirror
Meantime, the ramp up in steel production by Pakistan and Bangladesh has resulted in notable…
August 1st 2017
India's Scrap Imports Plunged by One-Third in Jan-Apr ‘17
The largest exporter of scrap to India during the month was the UAE. The imports…
July 31st 2017
US Exports of Ferrous Scrap Spiked During Jan-May ‘17
The scrap exports neared 5 million tonnes during the period, higher by almost 18% when…
July 14th 2017
Three firms file lawsuit challenging Omaha scrap metal ordinance
The lawsuit was jointly filed by Alter Trading Corp., Everett Industrial Building Co. and Sadoff…
July 4th 2017
Turkey Accounted for 58% of Total EU-28 Ferrous Scrap Exports in 2016
The key destination of EU-28 exports in 2016 was Turkey. The scrap exports to Turkey…
June 30th 2017
River Metals Recycling Xenia Celebrates 100 Years of Operation
River Metals Recycling purchased the assets and business of Xenia Iron & Metal in July…
June 16th 2017
Vietnam's Scrap Imports Record 25% Surge in May
Going by the current rate, the annual scrap imports by Vietnam are likely to total…
June 15th 2017
Thailand’s Ferrous Scrap Imports SkyRocketed by 97% In April
According to Customs data, the ferrous scrap imports by Thailand totaled 108,019 metric tons in…
June 12th 2017
US Ferrous Scrap Exports Soar 27% in April
The monthly scrap exports totaled 1.77 million tons in April this year.
June 12th 2017
Ferrous Scrap Imports by Turkey Soared 21% in April
Turkey’s imports of ferrous scrap totaled 1.667 million tons in April this year.
June 8th 2017