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May 4th 2016 The Japanese steel scrap imports rose by over 27% month-on-month during March this year. The cumulative imports during initial three months of the year fell by over 5% year-on-year.
May 3rd 2016 Feng Hsin Iron and Steel Co. has decided to hike its rebar and scrap purchasing prices for the week.
May 2nd 2016 The US Ferrous scrap export prices surged higher significantly during the past week, when compared with the week before.
April 29th 2016 Another fire at a recycling plant, this one in far north Phoenix, was brought under control Friday morning, according to Phoenix Fire Department.
April 29th 2016 The order to shut down the facility was issued by the Department of Buildings inspectors.
April 29th 2016 The Owego-based Upstate Shredding-Weitsman Recycling has announced that it has purchased Watertown, NY-based Empire Recycling.
April 29th 2016 The recent data published by the German Steel Recycling Federation (BDSV) indicates that scrap prices in Germany increased during the initial 20 days period in April this year.
April 29th 2016 The average price of Japanese H2 scrap increased during the fourth week of April.
April 29th 2016 Stainless steel scrap prices trended higher as mills reported increased demand over past few weeks.
April 28th 2016 The US H1 scrap average prices remained unchanged from the previous week as on 25th April, 2016. The prices held steady upon comparison with the previous week.
April 28th 2016 The recent survey conducted by the German metal traders federation VDM states that there is no reason to be completely pessimistic about scrap metal industry.
April 27th 2016 According to a recent report made available by, the global metal recycling market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.95% over the next five years.
April 27th 2016 Taiwan's steel scrap imports reported sharp decline during the month of February this year.
April 26th 2016 The US exports of major items including ferrous scrap, plastic and aluminum scrap witnessed huge decline in volume during the initial two-month period of the current year.


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Scrap Metal Prices
6061 Extrusions0.51$US / Lb
Zorba 90% NF0.50$US / Lb
Old Sheet0.41$US / Lb
6063 Extrusions0.57$US / Lb
#1 Copper Wire and Tubing1.98$US / Lb
#2 Copper Wire and Tubing1.86$US / Lb
Rubber Crusher
Rubber Granulators
 Copper Cable Granulator: Whirlston 400
Cable/wire Recycling Equipment
Plastic Crusher
Miscellaneous Equipment
Automatic Scrap Baling Press
Automatic Horizontal balers