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Metal Recycling News
Chico Scrap Metal opponents turn in thousands of signatures to prompt referendum
The volunteers of “Move the Junkyard” movement have managed to garner over 9,000 signatures in…
Metal Recycling NewsDecember 2nd 2016
Upstate Shredding-Weitsman relocates Owego scrap metal sorting facility
The company had earlier planned to locate the facility at the recently purchased Owego site…
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 30th 2016
Global metal recycling market to reach $446 million by 2020
The recent report published by Allied Market Research forecasts metal recycling market to reach $446,472…
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 24th 2016
US H1 scrap prices record marginal rise during the week
The US H1 scrap price average prices were at $206.83 per long ton during the…
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 22nd 2016
Hong Kong's steel scrap exports jump 7.4% in September
Hong Kong exported 103,060 tons of scrap steel during the month of September this year.
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 21st 2016
New alert system launched to tackle scrap yard fire
PREVENTiT works through a disposable sensor cable laid across material at various stages as the…
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 17th 2016
US Ferrous scrap exports declined 5% in September
The country’s ferrous scrap exports receded from the highs of 1.295 million tons recorded in…
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 17th 2016
SIAM calls for solid policy on scrapping of old cars
According to SIAM, the country’s car scrapping activity is mostly handled by local scrap yard…
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 14th 2016
Russia's ferrous scrap exports record sharp downfall in August
The country's ferrous scrap exports during the month of August totaled 415,000 tons.
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 14th 2016
Sims Metal Management: FY 16 market conditions were the toughest in past 30 years
According to the company, FY 16 presented some unprecedented challenges.
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 11th 2016
Major Asian countries declare steel scrap import data for Sep ‘16
The ferrous scrap imports by Japan and Korea declined significantly during the month of September…
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 9th 2016
MoF: Ferrous scrap imports by Japan plunges 23% in Sep '16
Japan imported 10,020 tons of ferrous scrap during the month of September this year.
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 8th 2016
Upstate Shredding-Weitsman sorting facility gets go-ahead from Owego Zoning Authority
The main concerns raised by residents were with regards to potential noise pollution and increase…
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 4th 2016
Stainless steel scrap market likely to remain stagnant during rest of 2016
The prices of some stainless steel scrap grades declined on account of decline in respective…
Metal Recycling NewsNovember 1st 2016
Korea's steel scrap imports plunged 14% in September
South Korea imported 513,464 tons of ferrous scrap during the month of September this year.
Metal Recycling NewsOctober 28th 2016
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