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June 24th 2016 One of three suspects has been arrested in connection to a theft from a popular Salem County business, authorities said.
June 24th 2016 River Metals Recycling (RMR) is pleased to announce its participation in the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries’ (ISRI’s) June 15 Safety Stand-Down day.
June 24th 2016 As per statistics, the imports totaled 15,000 tons during March this year. This is significantly down by almost 85% year-on-year.
June 22nd 2016 The shredding operations at Ben Weitsman of New Castle which had opened its doors on May 7, 2016, are reportedly in full swing.
June 16th 2016 Owego, New York-based Upstate Shredding-Weitsman Recycling has been selected as the ‘Scrap Company of the Year’ by American Metal Market (AMM).
June 16th 2016 According to the complaint, Panda International Trading Co., Inc. and Da Xiong Pan has knowingly treated and stored hazardous waste.
June 15th 2016 State Fire Marshal’s Office has begun investigation into the massive fire incident at Grimmel’s Industries in 80 Pejepscot Village Main St., off River Road near the Androscoggin River.
June 15th 2016 As per government data, the country’s steel scrap exports totaled 969,409 tons during April this year.
June 10th 2016 Stainless steel scrap prices have remained at depressed levels over recent weeks despite appreciable volatility within the nickel market.
June 10th 2016 One person was injured as firefighters battled a stubborn fire late Thursday in a huge pile of junk cars at a scrap metal recycling plant in southwest Houston.
June 10th 2016 According to the agreement, Northern Metal will have to submit detailed drawings with regards to dust-control work within one week.
June 9th 2016 The inspection report notes that the company exposed its employees to struck-by hazards by failing to maintain front-end loader machines properly.
June 9th 2016 The recently released quarterly export data indicates that the EU steel scrap exports rose by over 10% during the initial three-month period of 2016.
June 7th 2016 According to Murat Bayram of European Metal Recycling Ltd. (EMR), the industry still faces excess of scrap recycling facilities.


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Scrap Metal Prices
Old Sheet0.45$US / Lb
6063 Extrusions0.58$US / Lb
6061 Extrusions0.54$US / Lb
Zorba 90% NF0.51$US / Lb
#2 Copper Wire and Tubing1.80$US / Lb
Scrap Electric Motors 0.17$US / Lb
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United States
United States
United States