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Metal Recycling News
BIR publishes latest edition of Non-Ferrous World Mirror
The unexpected withdrawal of high value currency impacted the trade as huge proportion of market…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 23rd 2017
USA's steel scrap export volumes climbed 4% in November
The US steel scrap exports totaled 1.25 million tons during the month, marginally higher by…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 23rd 2017
Chico Scrap Metal referendum to be challenged in court
The decision was approved by a 4-2 vote during the closed session of the Council…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 19th 2017
Steel scrap prices up 80% amidst drop in domestic demand, says Japan
The oversupply by China had kept the scrap prices under check through the spring of…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 18th 2017
EU-28 steel scrap exports surged 11% in October
The ferrous scrap export by EU-28 countries to outside of EU region totaled 1.541 million…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 16th 2017
US Ferrous scrap exports sink 4% in Jan-Nov ‘16
The US ferrous scrap exports declined from 10.563 million tons recorded in Jan-Nov ’15 to…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 13th 2017
Korean steel scrap exports take big leap in November
South Korea exported 59,016 tons of scrap steel during the month of November last year.
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 13th 2017
Steel scrap exports by the US surged higher by 11% in October
The US ferrous scrap exports recovered sharply by 10.5% from 1.12 million tons recorded in…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 13th 2017
Stainless steel scrap exports by Japan surged 10% in November
The Japanese stainless steel scrap exports totaled 14,824 tons during Nov ’16, significantly higher by…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 11th 2017
Lawsuit seeks injunction and civil penalty against two metal recyclers
According to the lawsuit, Gonzalez Brother LLC knowingly purchased stolen catalytic convertors and resold them…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 9th 2017
 Steel scrap imports by India tumble 34% in September
India imported 10,020 tons of ferrous scrap during the month of September this year.
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 9th 2017
6th January, 2017: Chinese copper scrap prices plunged on Index
Chinese copper scrap prices dropped sharply on Scrap Monster Price Index on January 6th, 2017.
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 9th 2017
Review of Scrap Metal Dealers Act extended on BMRA’s request
The Home Office has decided to extend the review of Scrap metal Dealers Act launched…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 6th 2017
Clampdown on scrap metal dealers results in sharp drop in metal theft rate
The introduction of Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 along with strict controls imposed by enforcement…
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 4th 2017
Turkey's steel import volumes plunged by a third in Nov '16
According to TCUD data, Turkey’s steel imports totaled 1.17 million mt in Nov ’16.
Metal Recycling NewsJanuary 3rd 2017