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Metal Recycling News February 28, 2023 02:30:02 PM

Trade Ministry to Hire 8 Scrap Metal Inspectors

Paul Ploumis
ScrapMonster Author
The exporter must complete a scrap metal export transactions record ledger form.

Trade Ministry to Hire 8 Scrap Metal Inspectors

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): The recruitment of inspectors for the scrap metal industry has begun. The Trade and Industry Ministry has advised for eight scrap metal inspectors to join the newly established Scrap Metal Unit.

The ministry said the inspectors will report to the chief trade officer of the Trade Licence Unit (TLU), and are required to visit and inspect scrap metal and scrap metal sites, oversee the loading of material into containers for export, certify the scrap metal, examine documents and interact with dealers, stakeholders and the public.

They will also work the the police, Customs and Excise Division, the Environmental Management Authority and municipal and regional corporations.

This exercise comes as Government reopened the scrap metal industry on Friday after the partial proclamation of the Scrap Metal Act, 2022.

In a statement on Friday, the ministry said the TLU was ready to work with dealers who now have to apply for licences. As of Friday, the unit had received 21 consent to entry forms and six applications for export licences were being processed.

"Dealers who hold valid licences are reminded that they must submit to the TLU, a declaration of consent to entry form (as outlined in the Scrap Metal Act, 2022) consenting to the entry of authorised officers on any scrap metal site specified in the licence during working hours," said the ministry.

The police was responsible for enforcing the scrap metal law. Other agencies including the EMA are to assist with inspections of scrap yards.

Exporters apply for export licences, under Trade Ordinance 1958, and applications must include a dealer's licence (issued under the Old Metal and Marine Stores Act) for 2022; business documents where applicable namely the company's Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) number and business registration documents; an invoice of items being exported (dated within 30 days of intended shipment date); and a copy of the dealers’ transactions record ledger and statement of ownership.

"In cases where an exporter wishes to ship or alter scrap metal under the 15-day mandatory period for holding scrap, the exporter is required to apply to the Minister of Trade and Industry for permission to ship or alter scrap metal."

Further, repeat applicants must also send a utilisation record of the last export licence issued (involving bills of lading and Caricom invoices.)

The ministry spelt out the process for the loading of scrap. It said a licensed exporter must give at least seven days notice to the trade minister and police commissioner, copied to the Scrap Metal Unit, of plans to load scrap metal for export, including the location and time of the loading."

"Where written notice is given, the Minister of Trade and Industry and the Commissioner of Police shall ensure the relevant officer, which at this time would be a police officer, is present at the scrap metal site to conduct inspections while the scrap metal is being loaded."

The exporter must complete a scrap metal export transactions record ledger form.

"This scrap metal export transactions record ledger form is to be signed off by the authorised officer at the time of loading

"An exporter must only load a freight container at the scrap metal site specified in the licence of a licensed scrap metal dealer."

Further enquiries may be submitted to the TLU via email at tlu@gov.tt.

The industry was banned for six months in 2022 owing to the theft of millions of dollars' worth of metal and copper, especially from state utilities. The ban on the export of copper remains in place.

TT Scrap Iron Dealers Association president Allan Ferguson, while welcoming the reopening of the industry, had concerns about delays in receiving licences.

"We can't do exports yet because we still need export licences. You are not going to get an export licence in one day or two days or a week," he told Newsday on Friday.

"You still need to go through a whole process."

 Courtesy: www.newsday.co.tt


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