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E-Scrap Company to Pay $6 Million Towards CRT Pile Cleanup
This is the largest settlement reached in the Closed Loop case, the next highest being…
January 15th 2021
ITAD Major Acquired e-End to Expand U.S. Footprints
Further to the acquisition, e-End will continue to operate as a division of Techno Rescue.
January 13th 2021
U.S. Tech Industry Revenue Poised to Witness Notable Surge in 2021
The shipments of smartphones will surge higher by 4% to 161 million units.
January 12th 2021
Telecom Major Sets up 100 E-Waste Collection Centres
However, lead-acid car batteries will not be accepted through the program.
January 5th 2021
MTN Launched E-Waste Campaign in Ivory Coast
The campaign will run for a period of four months.
December 31st 2020
Walgreen Co. Agreed to Pay $3.5M In Settlement of Unlawful Hazardous Waste Disposal
Also, the company was accused of failing to destroy confidential customer information.
December 29th 2020
ITAD Major Ingram Micro Announces Expansion to International Markets
The new ITAD operation in Mexico is considered as the first major step in its…
December 29th 2020
Nigeria Targets Substantial Boost in E-Waste Recycling
The plan is to establish a total of 30 e-waste recycling collection centres.
December 21st 2020
Assets of Major ITAD Company to be Acquired by U.S.-based Equity Firm
According to the agreement, Ingram Micro will retain its existing headquarters and leadership.
December 18th 2020
Ghana E-Waste Recycling Pilot Project Recorded Notable Progress
The initial phase of the project is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of…
December 17th 2020
International Summit Highlighted Key Role Played by Informal E-Waste Recycling Sector
The informal system uses primitive techniques to separate metals from e-scrap, which often poses threat…
December 15th 2020
URT Launches New Recycling System for Processing Plastic Electronic Scrap
The prototype system to test the process was released last year.       
December 14th 2020
GreenTec Announces New Partnership to Promote Safe and Responsible E-Waste Disposal
The program ensures responsible recycling of devices thus collected, after destruction of all data.
December 11th 2020
Innovative Technology Transforms Ocean Plastics and Compact Discs
The unique programme had helped in keeping plastics out of landfills and oceans.
December 9th 2020
Electronic Waste on the Decline, New Study Finds
Since about 2011, CRT displays have been on the decline in the waste stream, helping…
December 8th 2020