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Companies for Zero Waste Holds Dynamic and Informative Discussion on Electronics and Battery Recycling
At the end of the discussions, Donachie thanked the speakers and attendees, and opened it…
April 16th 2021
Indian Firm Hit Major E-Waste Recycling Milestone
The app allows users to log into the app and enter details such as location…
April 8th 2021
Texas-Based ECHG Subsidiary Doubled Revenues in 2020
The ECHG subsidiary posted revenue of $5.9 million, accounting for 21% of total revenue, during…
April 5th 2021
Ghanaian Ministry Engaged Stakeholders In Boosting E-Waste Recycling
The project is being held in collaboration with the German government.
April 5th 2021
WEEE Forum Expands in Three Continents to Tackle the Global E-Waste Challenge
This work also supports the WEEE Forum’s stated aim of being the world #1 go-to…
April 1st 2021
Sony Electronics, Staples Nominated as Prestigious Winners of EPA’s Gold Tier Award
Staples Inc. was one among the nine winners of the 2020 Sustainable Materials Management (SMM)…
March 31st 2021
NY-Based Electronics Recycler, Sunnking, Offers Paid Leave for Employee Covid-19 Vaccinations
In 2020, out of an abundance of caution for its residential customers, the private recycler…
March 30th 2021
Fresh E-Scrap Regulations Place Bulk of Costs on Electronics Manufacturers
The public comment will be accepted until mid-April this year.
March 29th 2021
Top Electronics Brands Join Global E-Scrap Partnership
The alliance has committed to a circular economy for electronics by 2030, focusing on boosting…
March 26th 2021
Former E-Scrap Company Owner Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges
The company had shut its operations in early 2017, leaving stockpiles of CRT devices.
March 26th 2021
Electronic Waste and Its Various Types
The smartphones and tablets reviewed have the lowest amounts.
March 24th 2021
Volvo Car Malaysia Entered Into E-Waste Recycling Pact with ERTH
The campaign aims to drive the company closer to its long-term goal of becoming climate…
March 23rd 2021
Technology Giants Announced New Initiative to Tackle E-Waste Hurdle
Incidentally, a recent UN study had pointed out that rare earth metals worth over $55…
March 22nd 2021
ERI Expands AI-Driven Robotics Technology to Process E-Waste
SAM separates shredded material, such as aluminum, PCBs, yellow brass, capacitors and copper products, into…
March 22nd 2021
Quantum Lifecycle Announced Acquisition of GEEP Costa Rica
Initially, there will be no material changes in day-to-day operations.
March 19th 2021