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Defunct CRT Processor Claims Complete Cleanup of Stockpiles
Nulife spent multi-million dollars for the cleanup operation.
January 18th 2019
Samsung’s Innovative E-Waste Recycling Program Grabs Top Honor
The company received praises from the jury for its innovative efforts to protect the environment.
January 18th 2019
E-Waste Recycler Declares Major Facility Expansion to Boost Capabilities
The company’s newest site will be located in Las Vegas, NV.
January 15th 2019
Assets of Texas Electronics Recycling Facility Up for Bid
The auction will get under way at 10 a.m. CT on January 24 at
January 15th 2019
Arizona E-Waste Recycler Breaks Ground on Major Expansion
The expansion will add additional 40,000 square feet to the facility, thus more than doubling…
January 11th 2019
Tech Dump Announces Acquisition of Mail-In Electronics Recycling Program
Till date, Tech Dump has recycled more than 12,500 tons of electronic waste.
January 10th 2019
Recycling Mobile Phones May Save Gorillas
For every 30 to 40 mobile phones that are recycled, on average, 1 gram of…
January 8th 2019
EPA Recognizes Electronics Industry Leaders for Innovative Efforts and Recycling Achievements
Electronics Challenge participants kept nearly 276,000 tons of electronics from being sent to landfills by…
January 1st 2019
Pittsburgh, PA Residents to be Able to Recycle TVs, E-Waste, Household Chemicals- for a Fee
The legislation enters the city into a $250,000 contract with the Evans City, Pa.-based Environmental…
January 1st 2019
Innovative E-Waste Microfactory All Set to Expand Footprints
One of its industry partners, TES-AMM has already acquired license to manufacture products from waste.
December 31st 2018
Innovative Partnerships Drive E-Waste Management Market Growth
As per UN estimates, e-waste management is likely to witness 33% growth over the next…
December 28th 2018
EPA Honors Outstanding Achievements in Electronics Recycling
The awards are given away in recognition of outstanding, innovative solutions and processes that promote…
December 21st 2018
Ghana to Transform World's Largest E-Waste Dump
Agbogbloshie-the world’s largest e-waste dump has been the dumping ground for electronic waste from industrialized…
December 19th 2018
Target Corp. Fined $7.4 M For Illegal E-Waste Dumping
The Attorney General hoped that the hefty penalties will force Target to implement necessary changes…
December 14th 2018
E-Scrap CEO and Employee Pleads Guilty to Illegal Stockpiling of CRTs
The accused are Anthony Stoddard, CEO of former Stone Castle Recycling and Jamen Wood, an…
December 14th 2018
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