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Green Bay Packers Partners with Goodwill Industries for Electronics Recycling
Goodwill E-cycle is R2:2013, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for its E-cycle business.
July 23rd 2018
Dynamic Recycling Reaches Agreement to Buy Assets of Bankrupt ECS Refining
The sale of the above assets is subject to final approval by the U.S. Bankruptcy…
July 20th 2018
E-Waste Recycling Offers Enormous Economic, Job Potentials in India
The microfactories accept discarded e-waste and transform them into reusable materials, which in turn are…
July 16th 2018
HP Recycled 135,200 Metric Tons of Electronics in 2017
The company aims to recycle 1.2 million metric tons of material by 2025.
July 13th 2018
ERI Adopts BAN’s New Electronics Scrap Tracking System
EarthEye is far more than a simple GPS tracker. It is a comprehensive logistics monitoring…
July 12th 2018
Oregon Loses Second-Largest Company Processing E-Waste
In the short-term, the state’s largest processer of E-waste, URT Solutions, will take up the…
July 12th 2018
E-Waste Has Dual Role as Economic Opportunity and Toxicity
The precious metals in e-waste, found especially in circuit boards, are more concentrated than in…
July 12th 2018
Ultra-Modern E-Scrap Refining Technology Reaches Major Milestone
The proprietary e-scrap refining process is being run on a pilot scale at its manufacturing…
July 11th 2018
Second-Largest E-Waste Recycler in Oregon Shuts Down
ECS Refining had been handling 41 percent of the material collected under the Oregon E…
July 11th 2018
Huntsville, AL Presents Eco-Friendly Solution for E-Waste Recycling
A local company, New Life Computer Recycling in Huntsville, is offering a safe solution to…
July 10th 2018
EPA Launches National Electronic Hazardous Waste Tracking System
The e-Manifest system, authorized by the 2012 e-Manifest Act, enables electronic tracking of hazardous wastes…
July 5th 2018
India to Build First Public Sector E-Waste Recycling Plant
The project is expected to open up entrepreneurship opportunities in the field of high performance…
July 4th 2018
Bankrupt E-Waste Recycler Announces Close-Down; Eliminates Over 300 Jobs
The court-appointed trustee had made all attempts to sell ECS Refining, Inc. as an intact,…
July 4th 2018
Cutting-Edge Technology Delivers 95% Metal Recovery Rate from E-waste
The recycling technology is capable of treating a wide variety of products including LCD screens,…
July 2nd 2018
NY Electronics Recycler Hit with $15K Fines Over Violation of State Rules
Also, the rule requires the recycler to ship the e-waste to authorized reprocessing centers within…
June 29th 2018
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