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E-waste Recycling

DSNY’s ecycleNYC Program to Expand Curbside Pickups
Residents with electronic items may also visit the Special Waste Drop-Off locations or attend one…
October 22nd 2018
Samsung, BAN Partner to Enhance E-Waste Tracking
In a new initiative with Basel Action Network (BAN), Samsung announced it is adopting BAN’s…
October 18th 2018
Samsung Partners with BAN to Adopt State-of-the-Art E-waste Tracking System
EarthEye is the end result of research and developments carried out by BAN for more…
October 17th 2018
UN Calls for Tough Policies to Boost E-Waste Recycling in Africa
The UN Environment extended full support to African governments to boost e-waste management efforts.
October 16th 2018
International E-Waste Day Hailed a Huge Success
Many different events were held as part of International E-Waste Day.
October 16th 2018
Electronic Recycling Association Opening Computer Recycling Depots in Seattle and San Jose
The Electronic Reusing Association will act as ERA’s sister company in the US.
October 15th 2018
International E-Waste Day Promotes Responsible Recycling
It is estimated that 50 million tonnes of e-waste will be generated globally in 2018.
October 15th 2018
E-Scrap Recycling Firm Declares Masterplan for Major Restructuring
The sale deal will cover Metech’s five e-waste recycling facilities within the U.S.
October 12th 2018
University of San Diego Recycling Center Offers Home for E-Waste with Nowhere to Go
San Diego historically had exported 80 percent of its curbside material, with 60 percent of…
October 12th 2018
10 Ways to Celebrate the First-Ever International E-Waste Day
Currently, only 20 percent of global e-waste is recycled each year.
October 12th 2018
Canada Exported Tons of Hazardous E-Waste to Developing Countries
Between March and August last year, BAN delivered a total of 43 used electronic devices…
October 11th 2018
Asia’s Leading E-Waste Recycler Earns Distinguished R2 Certification
The award of the certificate is expected to enable Cerebra to compete at a higher…
October 9th 2018
Minnesota E-Waste Recycler Doubles Capacity with $3 Million Spend
Since its inception in 2011, it has processed more than 25 million pounds of e-waste.
October 8th 2018
Dell Coalition Produces Gold From Discarded Electronic Devices
Since 2012, Dell has recycled more than 50 million pounds of post-consumer recycled materials into…
October 8th 2018
Former CEO of E-Waste Recycling Firm Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
Boston has been convicted on all counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, securities fraud and money…
October 5th 2018