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E-waste Recycling

Samsung's Partnership with Wisetek to Boost D.C. E-Waste Recycling
The new partnership will offer monthly electronic waste recycling events throughout the year.
July 18th 2019
Arrow Electronics Announces Winding Down of IT Asset Disposition Business
It expects to completely wind down the business segment by the end of 2019.
July 18th 2019
Tariffs Paid by U.S. Tech Industry Hits Fresh Peak
The tariff paid by the industry totaled $1.3 billion in May ’19.
July 18th 2019
Blue Planet's Fresh Acquisition to Help Tackle Asia's Mounting E-Waste Crisis
The strategic acquisition is expected to boost Blue Planet’s ongoing efforts to tackle growing e-waste…
July 17th 2019
Samsung's New Partnership with T-Mobile, The Closed Loop to Boost E-Waste Recycling
For every purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy S10 E model in Europe, Closing the…
July 17th 2019
New Report Focuses on the Significance of Responsible E-Waste Recycling
Studies indicate that nearly 50% of the nearly 50 million tonnes of e-waste generated across…
July 15th 2019
Sony Electronics Signs EPA’s America Recycles Pledge
The EPA's America Recycles Pledge affirms the interest and willingness of organizations to participate in…
July 12th 2019
ERI Named as One of the Ten Smartest Companies of 2019
ERI’s unique solutions backed by innovation and sustainability for responsibly recycling electronic waste won the…
July 10th 2019
U.S. Rep. Paul Cook Introduces Bipartisan Bill to End U.S. Export of E-Waste
If enacted, H.R. 3559 would require domestic recycling of all untested, non-working electronics from the…
July 9th 2019
Second International E-Waste Day Aims to Raise Public Awareness of E-Waste
According to the UN, only 20% of global e-waste is recycled each year, which means…
July 5th 2019
Samsung's E-Waste Recycling to Surpass 8 Billion Pounds by 2020
Till date, it has recycled close to 6.2 billion pounds of used electronics globally.
July 4th 2019
U.S. Congress Introduces Legislation to Ban E-Waste Exports to China
The introduction of the bill would make it necessary to recycle all untested and nonworking…
July 2nd 2019
Consumer Technology Association Applauds Postponement of Fresh Tariffs
Furthermore, the Association called for a trade deal that would lead to removal of all…
July 1st 2019
E-Waste Import Ban Prompts Abrupt Shutdown of Recycling Facility
It must be noted that the plant used to process electronic waste from various Asia…
June 28th 2019
SRS Eyes Major Expansion of Electronics Recycling Services
SRS has partnered with leading OEMs including HP to boost generation of clean plastic streams…
June 27th 2019