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E-waste Recycling

World ITAD Market Growing at CAGR of 10.8%
Asia Pacific region is predicted to witness a CAGR growth of over 12% during the…
March 30th 2020
E-Scrap Company Ordered to Pay Penalty and Hold Free Collection
In settlement, the company has been ordered to pay civil penalty of $10,000.
March 27th 2020
Best Buy Suspends E-Scrap Collection and Recycling Services
With effective from March 23, 2020, the company has stopped delivering large products such as…
March 27th 2020
BAN Declares Changes to e-Stewards Certification
The change, initially in effect for a period of four months, will allow e-waste recyclers…
March 25th 2020
Electronics Recycling is an “Essential Business”, Sunnking to Remain Open
Sunnking employs nearly 100 people, however, it has had to make necessary changes to its…
March 25th 2020
Dallas Electronics Recycling and ITAD Service Group Expands Footprints
The acquisition offers customers with a full range of services including trade-in, returns management, asset…
March 20th 2020
Ghana Launches Phase-2 of SRI E-Waste Recycling Project
The second phase of the program will focus on imparting necessary knowledge to informal recyclers…
March 18th 2020
Malaysia Unveils Innovative  E-Waste Recycling Initiatives
Another pilot project, the Smart E-Waste Collection Box, uses a mobile application to enhance the…
March 17th 2020
Egypt Announces New Project to Promote E-Waste Recycling
The new project would launch an awareness campaign to educate people of the country on…
March 16th 2020
EU Introduces Right to Repair Rule, Waste Reduction Targets
The plan is part of a larger set of initiatives that also covers textiles, packaging,…
March 16th 2020
Citgo E-Recycle Day Keeps 9 Roll-Off Boxes of Unwanted Electronics Out of Landfills
Each year, CITGO E-Recycle Day alternates between the cities of Lake Charles and Sulphur to give residents in each…
March 16th 2020
Egypt Renews Swiss Embassy Partnership to Boost E-Waste Recycling
The partnership will introduce joint efforts to implement scientific methods for the safe disposal of…
March 13th 2020
New 'Right to Repair' Rules Aims to Reduce Europe's Electronic Waste
The legislation will need approval by EU member states and the European Parliament before it…
March 13th 2020
Zambia Announces Launch of New E-Waste Recycling Partnership
The partnership is in line with the principles of recently launched Keep Zambia Clean, Green…
March 12th 2020
Recipo Opens New E-Scrap Plastics Recycling Plant
Recipo- the first collection scheme for electronic waste in the Nordic region announced opening of…
March 11th 2020