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E-waste Recycling

Discarded SIM Cards Show Potential of E-Waste Recycling
The reason why the Sandia National lab, located in Albuquerque, is focusing on SIM cards…
April 20th 2018
Toshiba Recycled Record E-Waste Volumes in 2017
Also, the company has recycled more than 1,000 metric tons of toner products since 2008.
April 19th 2018
Europe Responsible for Majority of Illegal E-Waste Shipments to Nigeria: UN Study
The study revealed that almost 70% of the e-waste reaching Nigeria every year was mixed…
April 17th 2018
NJ Upgraded Recycling Facility Offers New Electronics Recycling Services
The upgrade activities at the site have made it capable to process larger volumes of…
April 17th 2018
Shell Canada Teams Up With  ERA In Donating $1 Million Worth of Used Computers
The announcement is part of Shell Canada’s pledge in November last year to donate $1…
April 16th 2018
Recyclers Convicted for Illegal Handling of Electronics Waste
As per the law of the country, recycling operators producing chemical waste are required to…
April 13th 2018
Malaysia Launches Brand New Projects to Reduce Plastics and Electronic Waste
The company plans to extend the scheme to all 56 stores across Malaysia from June…
April 9th 2018
Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Connecticut’s E-Waste Recycling Law
According to Connecticut’s law, manufacturers are charged fees based on their market share of entire…
April 6th 2018
Old Computers Could Be a Better Source of Metals than a Mine
Recycling electronics has been an option for some time, but data comparing the cost of…
April 6th 2018
CTA: Tariff on Tech Products Imports to Hurt U.S. Economy
CTA urged to resist tariffs, which are likely to put nearly 2 million American jobs…
April 5th 2018
Global PCB E-Scrap Market To Witness 7.3% CAGR Growth
The rapid pace of urbanization in many developing economies in the region is likely to…
March 23rd 2018
Hong Kong Officially Opens Its First Integrated E-Waste Recycling Facility
Initially, the facility will be able to process nearly 30,000 tonnes of electronic waste per…
March 20th 2018
Ghana Agency Underscores Need For Integrated E-Waste Management Project
In addition to economic and environmental benefits, such an initiative by the government could create…
March 15th 2018
Wisconsin Electronics Recycler Recognized with Top Business Award
The company, started in 2007, currently has three locations with over 200 employees. Dynamic Recycling…
March 14th 2018
Nigeria’s E-Waste Recycling Facility Declares Key Partnership with Informal Sector
As per estimates provided by E-Waste Relief Foundation (ERF), Nigeria generates approximately 1.1 million tonnes…
March 12th 2018