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Paul Ploumis
Paul Ploumis
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  • : September 13, 2009
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Paul Ploumis is the Scrap Monster Founder and CEO. With years of experience in the Scrap and Recycling industry, he writes articles covering Scrap, Metals, Recycling, Pricing trends, and other interesting topics related to Recycling and Innovations. His work has been published in hundreds of publications over the years, and can be seen daily in ScrapMonster's news sections. Paul has extensive experience in the digital World, having founded and operated online projects since 1998. Paul's mission is to educate, innovate, and help create a more sustainable planet.
Articles by Paul Ploumis
Commercial Metals Company Reports Outstanding Results for Q3 Fiscal 2018
The Americas Mills Segment adjusted operating profit skyrocketed from $50.7 million to $70.4 million.
Metal Recycling NewsJune 22nd 2018
U.S. Steel Production Stalled in June, Despite Industry-Friendly Trade Reforms
The combined steel output during the year through June 16, 2018 stands at 42.06 million…
Steel NewsJune 22nd 2018
Copper Market Recorded 213 kt Deficit During Jan-Apr ‘18: WBMS
The world copper mine production during Jan-Apr ’18 totaled 6.7 million tonnes.
CopperJune 22nd 2018
21st June, 2018: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Unmoved on Index
In the Non-Hallmarked category, the 14 carat gold scrap prices remained unchanged at $ 695.69…
Scrap PricesJune 22nd 2018
Global Copper Production Surged 7.1% in Q1 This Year
Q1 2018 also reported 3% jump in refined copper production, mainly driven by China.
CopperJune 21st 2018
Restrictions to Spur Fresh Investments in U.S. Recycling Industry
The letter reiterates Chinese view that the 0.5% contamination limit is realistic.
Waste & RecyclingJune 21st 2018
Global Aluminum Market Deficit Contracted in Jan-Apr ‘18
The global demand for primary aluminum has declined by 2.4% when matched with Jan-Apr ’17…
AluminumJune 21st 2018
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