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Paul Ploumis
Paul Ploumis
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  • : September 13, 2009
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Paul Ploumis is the Scrap Monster Founder and CEO. With years of experience in the Scrap and Recycling industry, he writes articles covering Scrap, Metals, Recycling, Pricing trends, and other interesting topics related to Recycling and Innovations. His work has been published in hundreds of publications over the years, and can be seen daily in ScrapMonster's news sections. Paul has extensive experience in the digital World, having founded and operated online projects since 1998. Paul's mission is to educate, innovate, and help create a more sustainable planet.
Articles by Paul Ploumis
Global PCB E-Scrap Market To Witness 7.3% CAGR Growth
The rapid pace of urbanization in many developing economies in the region is likely to…
E-waste RecyclingMarch 23rd 2018
UK Paper Industry Trade Association Calls For Sector Deal with Government
As the first step forward in achieving the big objective, a Paper-based Industry led Sector…
Paper RecyclingMarch 23rd 2018
Sonoco Declares Agreement to Acquire Highland Packaging Solutions
The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter of this year, subject to…
Paper RecyclingMarch 23rd 2018
Turkey's Iron Ore Imports Collapsed 11% in January
The non-agglomerated ore imports tumbled sharply by over 25% during the month. The imports dropped…
Iron OreMarch 23rd 2018
U.S. Packaging Paper Shipment Saw Marginal Drop in February
The AF&PA report suggests 2.4% jump in total boxboard production by the country when matched…
Paper RecyclingMarch 23rd 2018
Softwood Lumber Trade Topped All-Time Record High in 2017
According to WRQ Report, average import price of softwood lumber by China registered steady growth…
Rubber and WoodMarch 23rd 2018
22nd March, 2018: Scrap Gold and Platinum Prices Surged, Silver Unchanged d on Index
In the Hallmarked category, the 14 carat gold scrap prices were up by $ 7.09…
Scrap PricesMarch 23rd 2018
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