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Paul Ploumis is the Scrap Monster Founder and CEO. With years of experience in the Scrap and Recycling industry, he writes articles covering Scrap, Metals, Recycling, Pricing trends, and other interesting topics related to Recycling and Innovations. His work has been published in hundreds of publications over the years, and can be seen daily in ScrapMonster's news sections. Paul has extensive experience in the digital World, having founded and operated online projects since 1998. Paul's mission is to educate, innovate, and help create a more sustainable planet.
Articles by Paul Ploumis
Global Copper Market Ended in Marginal Deficit
The global consumption dropped marginally from 13.78 million tonnes in Jan-July ’18 to 13.29 million…
CopperSeptember 20th 2019
Traders, Manufacturers Protest Against Blanket Ban on Single-use Plastics
The ban, if implemented, is likely to affect nearly 10,000 plastic manufacturing units in the…
Plastic RecyclingSeptember 20th 2019
ITAD Major EPC Proposes Massive U.S. Expansion Plans
The closure of Colorado-based Arrow Electronics Inc. has opened up immense opportunities for competitors including…
E-waste RecyclingSeptember 20th 2019
Sims Metal Management Earnings to Nosedive as Commodity Prices Fall
It expects the results to remain materially lower when compared with the previous fiscal.
Metal Recycling NewsSeptember 20th 2019
e-Stewards Announces Launch of New e-Recycling Certification Standard
The draft of the new version of the certification standard will undergo two comment periods.
E-waste RecyclingSeptember 20th 2019
ArcelorMittal Point Lisas Steel Mill Revival Plan Fails at the First Hurdle
The Point Lisas steel plant was idled in March 2016, citing increased competition from low-costs…
Steel NewsSeptember 20th 2019
Indian Steel Ministry Posted 28% Surge in Steel Imports
In third place was Japan, who exported 137,800t of steel products to India. The Japanese…
Steel NewsSeptember 20th 2019
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