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India’s Gold Jewellery Exports Skyrocketed 123% in May
Meantime, the silver jewellery exports tumbled in May 2018.
June 18th 2018
South Korea Demands Lifting of Restrictions on Gold, Silver Imports by India
The lifting of restrictions may lead to notable jump in gold imports from South Korea,…
June 4th 2018
GJEPC: India’s Gold Jewellery Exports Zoomed 50% in April
The exports of gold medallions and coins recorded sharp decline during the first month of…
May 16th 2018
India's Silver Imports Surged 34% in February
According to the trade body, the country imported silver bars worth Rs 15.14 crores (USD…
March 22nd 2018
GJEPC: Gold Jewellery Exports Almost Doubled in February
India exported $889.59 million worth gold jewellery in February 2018. This represents a big 97%…
March 20th 2018
GJEPC: India's Silver Bar Imports Surged 6% in January
According to GJEPC data, India’s silver bar imports totaled Rs 19.04 crores (USD 2.99 Million)…
February 20th 2018
Precious Metals Prices Forecast to Oscillate Between Extremes in 2018
According to analyst estimates, gold prices are likely to average between $1,215 per Oz and…
February 6th 2018
India’s Gold Jewellery Exports Surged 27% in December
The combined exports of silver jewellery by the country during the period from April to…
January 19th 2018
India's Gold Bar Inflows Surged 62% in December
The Indian silver bar imports tumbled by almost one-fifth during December 2017. The imports dropped…
January 18th 2018
India’s Gold Jewellery Exports Surged 75% in November
The country’s gold jewellery exports during the first eight months from April ’17 to November…
December 22nd 2017