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Robust ETF Demand Drives Platinum Investment
The total platinum supply was up 15% in Q1 2019 at 2,010 koz.
May 15th 2019
Wold Platinum Investment Council Foresees Notable Surge in Market Surplus
The global platinum supply rose by nearly 3% to total 2,115 koz in Q3 this…
December 4th 2018
GFMS Publishes New ‘Platinum Group Metals Survey 2018’ Report
Platinum consumed in the production of autocatalyst applications surged higher by 7.1% to 3.8 Moz…
July 3rd 2018
Precious Metals Prices Forecast to Oscillate Between Extremes in 2018
According to analyst estimates, gold prices are likely to average between $1,215 per Oz and…
February 6th 2018
World Platinum Market To Face Deeper Deficits in 2018
In 2018, global supply is predicted to fall marginally by 1% to 7,755 koz. The…
November 22nd 2017
1 dollar 2010 - Navy Elizabeth II
Melt Value : US$ 13.915
1 dollar 2010 Elizabeth II
Melt Value : US$ 13.915
1 dollar 2008 Elizabeth II
Melt Value : US$ 13.915