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Plastic Recycling News

Four Companies Join Alliance to End Plastic Waste
Membership in the alliance continues to expand as companies see tangible projects begin to take…
December 6th 2019
Viridor Signs 5-Year Recycled PET Supply Deal with KP
The new collaboration deal with Viridor is part of KP’s commitment to increase its use…
December 5th 2019
Cleveland City Opts Out of County's Plastic Ban
The Council meet held Monday approved an ordinance granting temporary exemption for stores in the…
December 3rd 2019
Mamaroneck's Ban on Plastic Bags Goes Into Effect
The town of Mamaroneck is estimated to consume around 23 billion plastic bags every single…
December 2nd 2019
DS Smith Donates € 50K to UNICEF's Innovative Plastic Recycling Project in Ivory Coast
The proceeds from waste collection help in improving the living conditions of poor families.
December 2nd 2019
Shell Pilots Technology to Recycle Plastic Waste Back Into Chemicals in Louisiana
Shell plans to use the process for at least 1 million tons of plastic each…
November 29th 2019
Recycler Abandons Tonnes of Plastics at Australia Warehouse
In July, SKM announced it was in financial crisis and could no longer collect materials…
November 29th 2019
Vancouver City Council Bans Plastic Retail Bags
The recommended by-laws are part of the ongoing implementation of the City’s Single-Use Item Reduction…
November 28th 2019
Plastic Makers Welcome, Support Recycle Act
Companies that make and use plastics are deeply committed to creating a more circular economy…
November 27th 2019
Indorama Ventures Joins The Recycling Partnership on Transforming the U.S. Recycling System for Good
This collaboration is in line with the Company’s objectives of long-term sustainability and can steer…
November 27th 2019