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Trade Body Pursues Fresh Investment in Plastic Recycling Technologies
The CIAC extended full support to the areas of improvement in the newly proposed Canadian…
September 25th 2020
New Report Analyzes Energy Recovery Options for Non-Recycled Plastics
These plastics constitute 47% of the plastics in MSW and represent about 6% of MSW…
September 25th 2020
Microplastics Have Infiltrated Every Part of Our Lives- Even The Air We Breathe
The effects of microplastic pollution are just as hard to see.
September 25th 2020
PolyQuest Expanded rPET Capacity at Darlington Facility
The post consumer lines at the plant have been operating at full capacities, with all…
September 24th 2020
Ocean Spray Teams Up With TerraCycle to Recycle Plastic Packaging
The shipments will be awarded 100 points per pound.
September 24th 2020
Nestle Reached New Agreement on Supply of Recycled Plastic
Biffa will supply rPET from its Seaham, County Durham plastics recycling facility to Nestlé Waters’…
September 23rd 2020
BIR Updates on Key Regulatory Changes in Scrap Plastic Trade
Ever since the new rules went into effect in September this year, the shipment of…
September 23rd 2020
Is Africa the Next Dumping Ground for Plastic?
In 2019, U.S. exporters shipped over 1 billion pounds of plastic waste to 96 countries…
September 23rd 2020
New York State to Start Stalled Plastic Bag Ban in October
After Oct. 19, first-time offenders will receive a warning from the DEC but won’t be…
September 23rd 2020
New Partnership Aims to Recycle 30 Million Pounds of Plastic
The collaboration will focus on innovative use of recycled materials to aid manufacture of new…
September 22nd 2020