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Plastic Recycling News

Connecticut Consumer-Goods Companies Take on Plastic Waste
In Connecticut, about 35 percent of waste was recycled or composted in 2015, a rate…
April 23rd 2019
Study Puts Economic, Social Cost on Ocean Plastic Pollution
Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans costs society billions of dollars every year in damaged…
April 23rd 2019
Nestle Waters’ Innovative Strategy Gives Plastic Bottle Recycling a Giant Boost
The company, on an average, uses 7% recycled plastic across all its packaging.
April 18th 2019
Buffalo, N.Y., Begins Talks of Polystyrene Ban
Polystyrene typically cannot be recycled and doesn’t biodegrade. It also comprises 30 percent of landfill…
April 17th 2019
Unilever North America Commits to 50% Recycled Plastic Content by 2019
The initial goal of the company is to ensure that 50% of the plastic used…
April 16th 2019
DS Smith Sponsors Fresh Initiative to Boost Plastic Recycling
Are You R is a campaign on social media aimed at making the European population…
April 16th 2019
Alabama Senate Advances Legislation to Stop Single-use Plastics Ban
In March, Florida lawmakers introduced a similar bill that would place a five-year suspension on…
April 16th 2019
New York City Mayor Bans Single-use Plastics
The executive order prohibits city agencies from purchasing plastic food ware, such as utensils, straws…
April 16th 2019
California Plastic Bag Ban Spurs Use of Thicker Plastic Garbage Bags
The study revealed that the sales of 4-gallon sized small garbage bags spiked up by…
April 12th 2019
Stora Enso Becomes Part of Ellen MacArthur Foundation Initiative to Fight Plastic Pollution
As part of this effort, the company will partner with customers and suppliers in developing…
April 12th 2019