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Plastic Recycling News

Malaysia Orders Shutdown of 30 Illegal Plastic Recycling Facilities
As per estimates, plastic waste exports from the UK to Malaysia more than tripled during…
October 16th 2018
Japan's New Policy Aims at Notable Reduction in Use of Plastic Bags
Also, the obligations will not be applicable to bags made from paper and other materials.
October 15th 2018
‘Save Our Seas’ Act Vows to Tackle Ocean Plastic Pollution
The milestone law was signed in a ceremony held October 11, at the White House.
October 15th 2018
PepsiCo, Loop Industries Enter into Sustainable Plastic Agreement
As the demand for sustainable packaging solutions continues to grow, Loop Industries has emerged with…
October 15th 2018
Clean Seas Campaign Boosts Efforts to Tackle Plastic Pollution
The use of bio-fences is expected to save the Motagua River-Guatemala’s largest river from pollution.
October 12th 2018
IHG to Remove Plastic Straws from Hotels Worldwide
Plastic straws have already been removed from nearly 1,000 hotels in the Europe, Middle East,…
October 12th 2018
Greenpeace Report Names Top Producers of Plastic Trash
Drink companies Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle were found to be the world's biggest producers of…
October 11th 2018
Scrap Plastic Exports by the U.S. Declined 27%
The top five foreign markets of U.S. scrap plastic export were Malaysia, Canada, Thailand, India…
October 10th 2018
CPIA Honors Winners of 2018 Plastics Industry Leadership Awards
The ‘Leader of the Year’ award was won by Emmie Leung, Founder and CEO, Emterra…
October 10th 2018
Georgia's Phased Ban on Plastic Bags Goes Into Effect October 1
Starting April 1, 2019, import, production and sale of all types of plastic bags will…
October 9th 2018