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Plastic Recycling News

China Unveils Plans to Curtail Single-Use Plastics Consumption
The stores in large cities will not be permitted to use thin, single-use plastic bags…
January 20th 2020
New York Bills Focus on Reducing Single-Use Plastics, Improving Carbon Emissions
Another bill would require single use beverage containers be manufactured with 75 percent recycled material.
January 20th 2020
North American Recycled Plastic Processing Capacity Increases
The report identifies 15 new and 10 expanding facilities that will process plastic.
January 20th 2020
Nestle to Purchase 2 Million Metric Tons of Recycled Plastic
Nestle had been recently named as one among the worst corporate plastic polluters.
January 17th 2020
E-Plastics Export Trade Faces Disruption in the U.S.
Asia has been a key market destination for plastics recovered from electronics, with China accounting…
January 17th 2020
Maryland Considers Plastic Bag Ban, Virginia Looks at Fees
Since 2012, Ainsworth has organized volunteers to observe shopper bag use outside grocery stores in…
January 17th 2020
Company Collects 80% of City’s Recyclable Plastics and Turns It All Into Lumber
The plastic lumber can be drilled, nailed, glued, and handled the same way as wooden…
January 17th 2020
Global Plastics Industry To be Worth $720 Billion by 2025
According to the report, China is likely to emerge as the biggest global plastics producer,…
January 16th 2020
U.S. Exports of Recycled Plastics Declined 38%
The U.S. imports of plastic waste and scrap registered year-on-year decline by 7.30% through November…
January 15th 2020
Survey Reveals Strong Support to Thailand's Plastic Bag Ban
A great majority of respondents supported the practice of stores handing over bags made of…
January 14th 2020