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KBR Furthers Sustainability Commitment with Innovative Plastics Recycling Process in Alliance with Mura Technology
Mura has invested over 10 years in the development of this technology and has proven…
January 20th 2021
Federal Grant Aims to Reduce Plastic at Louisiana Festivals, Parades
The French Quarter Festival alone can attract more than 800,000 people, and Robichaux hopes to…
January 20th 2021
Shortage of Quality Recycled Plastic Threatens EU Recycling Target
Also, packaging must be largely made of recycled plastics by 2030.
January 19th 2021
Unilever Partners with  Alibaba Group to Launch New Plastic Recycling System
The consumers could use Alipay e-wallet service to scan the QR code and deposit used…
January 19th 2021
CEP Approves Innovative Technologies to Recycle Post-Consumer PET Bottles
The semi-annual report published recently noted that CEP has given approval for using Starlinger and…
January 18th 2021
BPF, UKRI Explores Opportunities to Boost UK Plastic Recycling
Earlier this week, BPF released two new reports on sustainability and plastic recycling in the…
January 15th 2021
Scrap Plastic Supplies Hit by New Trade Restrictions
The prior notice and consent requirements are found preventing smooth trade between countries.
January 14th 2021
British Plastics Federation Released Roadmap to Boost Plastic Recycling
The report highlights the key role played by the emerging technology of non-mechanical recycling in…
January 14th 2021
UK Condemned for its Failure to Prevent Exports of Plastic Waste
BAN pointed out that the UK exported nearly 7,000 tonnes of plastic waste to Asian…
January 13th 2021
Amcor Partnership Announces New Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Waste
The implementation of the above rules will make recycling easier, cheaper and more efficient, the…
January 12th 2021