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ACC Plastics Division a Founding Member of New Recycling Partnership Coalition
Through the American Chemistry Council, America’s plastic makers have established a goal of making all…
July 9th 2020
CWRU Research Launches New Plastics Recycling Technology
The research was funded by the National Science Foundation.
July 8th 2020
U.S. Plastic Scrap Exports Till May Take a Huge Hit
The U.S. exports of plastic waste and scrap have declined by more than 34% year-on-year…
July 8th 2020
Plastic Waste Bans Stall Amid COVID-19
According to a World Wildlife Fund report, the increase in single-use plastic is projected to…
July 8th 2020
Plastic Renewal Company Wraps Up Angola, IN Marina Pilot Program, Plans to Expand
While they will take water bottles and milk jugs, they focus on plastics labeled three…
July 8th 2020
BVSE Says Tough Market In Store for Global Plastic Recyclers
The decline in prices of virgin plastics has affected demand for recycled plastics.
July 7th 2020
Free Yourself from Single-Use Plastic in July
Created by the Plastic Free Foundation in Australia, the Plastic-Free July Challenge offers participants guides,…
July 7th 2020
PET Recycling Rate Hit 62% in South Africa
The collection volume recorded 2% decline when compared with the prior year.
July 3rd 2020
California Governor Authorizes Roadmap for Return to Reusable Bags
The discontinued use of reusable bags at many California retailers has resulted in a severe…
July 3rd 2020
Vermont’s Plastic Bag Ban, Food Scraps Mandate Go Into Effect
While both mandates are going into effect as planned, the deadline was uncertain during the…
July 3rd 2020