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WBMS Metals Balances Report- First Quarter 2019
The reported stock of the metal in the London Metal Exchange (LME) at the end…
May 29th 2019
World Nickel Market Recorded Marginal Deficit in Jan-Feb ‘19
The monthly smelter/refinery output of nickel totaled 168.9kt in February this year. At the same…
April 22nd 2019
World Nickel Supply in Surplus During 2018, Says WBMS
Refined nickel production during the previous year totaled 2,272kt, whereas the demand totaled 2,245kt.
February 22nd 2019
Global Nickel Market Saw Nominal Deficit Until Nov '18
The monthly smelter/refinery output of nickel totaled 212.40 kt in November 2018.
January 21st 2019
WBMS: Nickel Market Deficit Narrowed in October
The world apparent demand for nickel surged higher by 157kt year-on-year. The Chinese apparent demand…
December 19th 2018
Primary Nickel Market Ended in Deficit During Jan-Sep '18
The nickel smelter output totaled 185.7kt in September this year, whereas the consumption totaled 195.4kt.
November 27th 2018
World Nickel Market Recorded 56.3kt Deficit
The world apparent demand for nickel surged higher by 104kt year-on-year.
October 23rd 2018
APAC Region to Drive Robust Market Growth of Primary Nickel
Chinese stainless steel mills accounted for more than 50% of the total consumption of primary…
October 8th 2018
Global Nickel Market Recorded Notable Deficit
The refined nickel production totaled 1,087.8kt during Jan-July ’18, whereas the mine production totaled 1,228.3…
September 24th 2018
List of World's Top Ten Nickel Mine Producers
The Brazilian miner, Vale, was the topmost nickel producer during the previous year with a…
September 19th 2018
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