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Dayu Road Marking Co., Ltd.
No.18 Dongfeng Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

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Since May, 2013
Cold solvent road line coating machine

normal temprature solvent road line coating machine. As road marking paint, according to performance requirements, the need to use the dispersant, anti-settling agents, thickeners and defoamers auxiliary agent, taking into account the cost and procurement convenience and select the best in the test process. The main component of the coating dispersant is an organic acid and an organic amine electrically neutral salt, having a special interface activity in the solvent-borne coatings, can be adsorbed on the filler surface in a thin layer, and thus is easily dispersed in an organic medium, to promote the aggregation of the pigment body depolymerization, it is possible to improve the dispersion of the secondary particle aggregates of a filler in coatings, shortening the time of the grinding of the filler material in the production process. In addition, the dispersing agent can be formed on the filler surface a thin film layer of uncharged, so that between the pigment particles capable of generating electrostatic repulsion to prevent agglutination between a long time in the dispersion and suspension state, thereby preventing the coating The caking precipitation. Zhengzhou Dayu Roadway Marking Machine Company was set up in the year 1992. As traffic lane coating facilities supplier in China, we are slao highest level of international road lane painting devices manufacture, present by road marking equipment and kinds of qualified traffic coating paints. Our famous products are thermoplastic solvent machines for sale and reflective traffic lines marking paint! Dayu lines striping equipment has been sell well in China and have been exported abroad for our various strict product lines, reliable product quality, considerate sales service and competitive price! For more products models and types, please click to view!
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Contact Address No.18 Dongfeng Road
Zhengzhou, Henan
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Company NameDayu Road Marking Co., Ltd.
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AddressNo.18 Dongfeng Road
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