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Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery
110th Of Jingbei 3th Road , Economic Development Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

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Since Jun, 2017
Biodiesel Production Line

Biodiesel Production Line(Biodiesel Production Line: is suitable for All kinds of waste oil, like waste oil, waste cooking oil, plant seed oil,algal oil, waste animal oil, straw and other organic matter.

Biodiesel Production Line_Raw Material

Zhengyang Machinery's Biodiesel Production Line employs the low-temperature reaction of esterified and maximum extent possible to solve program.The process is one of the lowest energy consumption in the biodiesel process, taking gas esterification process, maximum extent possible to solve and mass transfer problems. It can achieve internal circulation in the case without external kinetic energy, hence it can save more than 60% of the energy. while within refluxing independent design, also can save energy in the great degree. The unique technology solutions to solve the problems of high acid value waste oil cannot be sub-glycerol trans-esterification, the reaction rate reach more than 97%.

Make use of grease production of fatty acid methyl ester process can adopt batch process, semi-continuous process or continuous reaction process, the continuous process is conducive to the energy utilization, production costs can be reduced in a larger extent; while the process solution of the material for the corrosion of the equipment issues, and effectively reduces the equipment investment investment costs of the apparatus; while the raw materials applicability are very strong, In general, in can be get the various oil-and-fat feedstock adapt to industrial product market.

√ Core process:With enamel reaction tower, reducing acid method of biodiesel and other countries dozen related patents;

√ Unique technology:The use of original turbulent pipe reactor, the reaction rate of 97%, and the reaction time is short;

√ Energy saving:Biodiesel Production Line use a unique separation integration process not only can save energy up to 60% of energy consumption, avoiding secondary pollution in the production process,but also solving problem of severe corrosion equipment in the process;

√ Easy to operate:Process can batch process, a semi-continuous process, or continuous reaction process (energy can be integrated recycling, reduce production costs).

Biodiesel Production Line Production Process
Test Report

Zhengyang Machinery is able to produce high quality biodiesel, asphalt, fatty acid methyl ester, environmental plasticizer, green surfactants (MES) and other products, By the Henan province and technical supervision inspection center has tested that the quality of products fully meet the "Diesel Fuel Adjustable Share of Biodiesel BD100 National Standard" and reached the international leading standard. The Biodiesel Production Line has been sold to various provinces nationwide and exported to South Korea, Australia, Finland, Italy and other countries.

Biodiesel Production Line Test Report

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