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Dayu Road Marking Co., Ltd.
No.18 Dongfeng Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

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Since May, 2013
Automatic spraying road marking machine

dayu brand automatic spraying road marking machinery Filler hiding power is very low, and its main role is to increase the coating volume, improve wear resistance and durability of the coating. The fillers generally inexpensive, and help to reduce the cost of the paint. Thus in addition to choose the rutile-type titanium dioxide as a white pigment, in the test process to select a light calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate, talc, wollastonite powder, precipitated barium sulfate, barite powder with a variety of filler tested. The drying time of the coating, the solvent coatings play an important role. Solvent suitable road marking paint should have a faster rate of evaporation, low toxicity, low cost. All volatile solvents in the construction into the atmosphere, will cause some air pollution, therefore, should try to reduce their usage. The coatings are generally used mixed solvent. Mixed solvent including the solvent and diluent, in the base material has sufficient ability to dissolve under the premise, the greater the amount of diluent, the more able to reduce the price of the coating. The drying time is the most important performance requirements of traffic marking material. Thus, the choice of solvent in addition to the above conditions, the more important is the rate of evaporation of the solvent. Based on these selection criteria to select a ketone solvent (cyclohexanone, acetone), ester solvents (ethyl acetate, butyl acetate), and a hydrocarbon solvent (xylene, toluene). These solvents with the use, and to meet the requirements of the mixed solvent can be obtained by experiment. Zhengzhou Dayu Roadway Marking Machine Company was set up in the year 1992. As traffic lane coating facilities supplier in China, we are slao highest level of international road lane coating equipment manufacture, present by road marking equipment and kinds of qualified lanes coating paint. Our famous products are runway construction facilities for sale and reflective traffic lines marking paint! Dayu lines striping equipment has been sell well in China and have been exported abroad for our various strict product lines, reliable product quality, considerate sales service and competitive price! For more products models and types, please enter our website !
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Company NameDayu Road Marking Co., Ltd.
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