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Since Jun, 2016
Recycling company, use PVC post production wastes for processing. Produce different products for constaruction indistry. Windows profiles, Windows sills, sandwich paneles...
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Since Feb, 2015
We are the leading plastic scrap supplier from Minsk, Belarus. We have available stock of PP scrap, LDPE scrap, HDPE scrap and we can supply upto 200 tons/month. We can supply polypropylene BIG-BAGS, SMALL BAGS, LDPE film baled (transparent and mixed colors), HDPE scrap (crushed HDPE pipes + plastic…
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Since Jan, 2015
Terra Motors Ltd specializes in supply of non-ferrous scrap (bronze, brass, copper) melted into ingots.
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Since Dec, 2012
our company is known as community scrap Ltd and we are specialized in the supply of various scrap products.we supply products such as copper scrap,metal scrap,hms 1 and 2 used rails and we have been in the years for 23 years
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