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Since Aug, 2018
We are looking for HDPE MIlk Bottles Flakes. Send your offer in F.O.B. Price
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Since Apr, 2018
To give the best consulting service and company management so our clients can achieve the success through develepoment and applying business strategies.
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Since Feb, 2018
We are a battery manufacturing company located in Lima, Peru. We have recently opened our recycling plant for the correct disposal of battery scrap. We follow all rules and regulations imposed by our country and are proud to be one of the few formal companies in our country. We are in the search of…
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Since May, 2017
We are strongly committed to the environment and the health of the community since for each material recycled responsibly, they are virgin natural resources not exploited,it is fuel unused for the treatment of the raw materials and it is unburnt material, buried, thrown to the sea, illegally exported,…
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Since May, 2012
We are a construction company. We've worked since 1995 in Peru.We've made many type of constructions. Also We offer brokering service and trading for differente commodities.
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