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Plastic Recycling News
City of Boston considers ban on plastic bags and tax on other bags
The proposal aims to reduce litter by limiting the use of plastic bags and encourage…
December 1st 2016
Plastic bag fee proposal greeted well, says poll results
According to the poll, 78% of the poll participants supported the idea of charging 15…
November 30th 2016
New industry alliances aim to boost plastics recycling in the US and Canada
North American Plastics Recycling Alliance (NAPRA)-the newly formed partnership of trade associations and nonprofits is…
November 16th 2016
Statewide ban on single-use plastic bags takes effect in California
Effective this week, the use of single-use plastic shopping bags at check-out counters at grocery…
November 14th 2016
ISRI endorses revised specs for plastic scrap, glass and inbound materials
The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has given approval to postconsumer plastic scrap specifications.
November 10th 2016
Californians render verdict on statewide ban of single-use plastic bags
According to early results, California voters look divided on whether to go ahead with a…
November 9th 2016
Recoup survey: Nearly 500,000 t of rigid plastics were collected for recycling in 2015
According to the survey, a total of 499,625 tonnes of plastic packaging was collected for…
October 31st 2016
New research report summarizes plastics industry activity in 2015
The global plastics production has steadily increased over the past several years.
October 28th 2016
California plastic bag ban referendum date nears
The Senate Bill 270 bill proposed by Sen. Alex Padilla bans the use of single-use…
October 18th 2016
US PET recycling rate dropped marginally in 2015, says annual study report
In 2015, approximately 5,971 million pounds of PET bottles were sold into the marketplace in…
October 14th 2016