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Plastic Recycling News

New York Searching for Answers in Combating Plastic Bag Waste
The current focus is to emphasize utilizing reusable bags. While stores like Wegmans have made…
January 17th 2018
Plastics Imports by the US Surged 5% Through November
The leading exporter of plastics to the US during Jan-Nov ’17 was Canada. Over 82%…
January 16th 2018
Exports of Plastic Waste and Scrap by the US Collapsed 12%
The single largest destination of plastic waste and scrap exports from the US was China.…
January 11th 2018
Montreal's Plastic Bag Ban Comes Into Effect on New Year's Day 2018
The merchants will have time until June 5, 2018 to comply with the ban, after…
January 2nd 2018
All You Need to Know About Montreal’s Plastic Bag Ban
After June 5 — World Environment Day — retailers will be subject to penalties if…
January 1st 2018
Mayor Marty Walsh Signs Boston’s Plastic Bag Ban into Law
Mayor Marty Walsh signed a measure banning single-use bags in Boston, making the Hub the…
December 21st 2017
U.S Exports of Plastics Rose Marginally Through October
The single largest importer of US plastics was Mexico. The exports to Mexico were valued…
December 12th 2017
South Africa’s Plastic Recycling Rate Thrived to Reach 42% in 2016
According to the report, a total of 1.144 million tons of recyclable plastics entered the…
November 30th 2017
Unifi Reaches 10 Billion Plastic Bottle Recycling Milestone
The announcement was made on the sidelines of America Recycles Day celebrations on November 14th.
November 23rd 2017
It’s been a Year Since California Banned Single-Use Plastic Bags
Plastic litter isn’t just ugly to look at, it is a threat to the environment.…
November 22nd 2017