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Carolina Fibre Corporation
1901 Trox Street , P.O. Box 16727 , Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

Memberships : National Association for Information Destruction. (NAID)
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1901 Trox Street , P.O. Box 16727
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
ZIP: 27416
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Established in 1989, Carolina Fibre is the sales, marketing and consulting operations for recycling, especially for our affiliate Triad Paper Recycling in High Point.

With international and domestic mill markets for improved pricing and continuity of movement, Carolina Fibre has formed alliances with major companies, making us a significant supplier of secondary fiber, plastics and aluminum for many well known clients throughout the industry.

Through excellence in customer service, professional rapport with end users and prompt payments to our clients, Carolina Fibre has become one of the best performing sustainability companies in the southeast.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Recycling is about sustainability. It’s about reducing negative human impact and enhancing the ecosystem. Carolina Fibre Corporation is a Greensboro NC recycler, and we operate our facilities with sustainability as our main objective.

Leading the Way

Carolina Fibre has led the way in helping our customers understand that operating their businesses sustainably is intelligent and cost-effective for us today, and crucial to insure future generations a better quality of life. Sustainability is more than just recycling. It is about doing simple things we often take for granted, like turning off lights that are not needed, maintaining equipment so that it will operate at its maximum efficiency, and keeping thermostats at appropriate levels.Our commitment to sustainability is about doing what is right for the environment at our Greensboro NC recycling facilities and helping other businesses to become more sustainable.

Greensboro Recycling Services

Carolina Fibre provides extensive recycling services in the Greensboro NC area to meet the needs of businesses in our ever changing environment.

Pros of Aluminum Recycling

So next time you get ready to throw out that aluminum foil you wrapped your sandwich in at work or at school, think again—that same aluminum foil could save enough energy to run a big appliance like a TV for three hours, and pay for its own recycling costs in the process. Recycle it and you’ll be doing the planet a lot of good with very little effort.

  • A simple process that involves re-melting the metal for re-use after its initial production,which requires only 5% of the energy used to make new aluminum.

  • Aluminum’s composition makes it one of the few infinitely recyclable materials used in society; it can be recycled endlessly, with no loss in quality.

  • Approximately 31% of all aluminum produced in the United States comes from recycled scrap and 75% of all aluminum produced since 1888 is still in use today!

  • There’s no downside to recycling aluminum: it’s fast (a 2 month turn-around!), it pays for itself, and it’s great for the environment.

Sustainability Consultants

We believe that in order for a company to be thoroughly successful, a sustainability plan should be in place. Through sustainability consulting, Carolina Fibre helps North Carolina businesses in Greensboro, High Point and beyond make money instead of throwing it away. We serve businesses and institutions, both big and small, by designing and implementing a custom recycling program to help reduce waste and maximize sustainability, protecting both the environment and your bottom line.

Our team is comprised of thought leaders in the realm of corporate sustainability. We develop, operate and educate according to the latest state and local regulations. We’ve got the experience, the insight and the integrity that yields strong, successful partnerships with our clients. Connect with us today to begin the conversation.

Some of the solutions we can provide include:

  • Calculating and minimizing your carbon footprint
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Hands-on staff training
  • Ongoing sustainability reporting
  • Development of a sustainability document to share with your investors, employees and customers
  • Plastic recycling, paper recycling, aluminum recycling and solid waste collection programs for hundreds of categories of materials

Confidential Shredding

In addition to the many services we offer, we also have a confidential document destruction service, Confidential Shredding.  For protection against the increased risks of identity theft and divulgence of confidential information, we provide complete records destruction for any office that has sensitive information.  Once records are shredded, we provide a certificate of destruction for all material destroyed.

NAID Mission

“NAID® is the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services. Suppliers of products, equipment and services to destruction companies are also eligible for membership. NAID’s mission is to promote the information destruction industry and the standards and ethics of its member companies.

Materials Accepted
Sl NoMaterial Name
1Aluminum Cans
3Mixed Paper
4Office paper
5#1 & # 2 Plastic
7Mixed plastic bottles
Company Services
  • Paper Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Aluminum Recycling
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