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UBC Scrap Price
Material Category   : Aluminum Scrap

About UBC

TAKE: Shall consist of new low copper aluminum can stock and clippings, clean, lithographed or not lithographed, and coated with clear lacquer but free of lids with sealers, iron, dirt and other foreign contamination. Oil not to exceed 1%. TALC: Shall consist of old aluminum food and/or beverage cans. The material is to be free of other scrap metals, foil, tin cans, plastic bottles, paper, glass, and other non-metallic items. Variations to this specification should be agreed upon prior to shipment between the buyer and seller. TALCRED: Shall have a density of 12 to 17 pounds per cubic foot (193 to 273 kg/m3). Material should contain maximum 5% fines less than 4 mesh (U.S. standard screen size) (6.35 mm). Must be magnetically separated material and free of steel, lead, bottle caps, plastic cans and other plastics, glass, wood, dirt, grease, trash, and other foreign substances.

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