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State of Maine Bans Use of Single-use Plastic Bags

Paul Ploumis
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Rep. Holly Stover commended Gov. Mills for endorsing the bill.

State of Maine Bans Use of Single-use Plastic Bags

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): The State of Maine Legislature House Democratic Office announced that Gov. Janet Mills has signed a bill into law, prohibiting the use of single-use plastics. Maine thus became the fourth state to impose ban on single-use plastics, just ahead of Vermont. It must be noted that California, Hawaii and New York states already have ban in place. Maine’s ban on single-use plastic bags, which will go into effect on Earth Day, April 22, 2020, is expected to address harmful impacts caused by plastic pollution.

As per sources, 24 Maine cities and towns already have instituted local bans on single-use plastic bags. The signing of the new law will create a uniform, statewide policy, overriding locally imposed bans.

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The legislation L.D. 1532, sponsored by Representative Holly Stover (D-Boothbay) and co-sponsored by Nicole Grohoski, D-Ellsworth, and Rep. Dave McCrea, D-Fairfield, prohibits the distribution of single-use plastic shopping bags at the point of sale at retail establishments across Maine. It also places a minimum 5-cent fee on alternative recycled paper bags available at retail counters. The law exempts certain varieties of bags such as bags for produce, prescription drugs, newspapers, laundry and live animals.

Rep. Holly Stover commended Gov. Mills for endorsing the bill. The governor’s signature on the bill will help to limit plastic bags that enter Maine’s coastal waters, thereby protecting the health of marine life, she said.

In April this year, Maine had officially banned use of single-use polystyrene including Styrofoam cups and containers.

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