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E-waste Recycling June 13, 2016 11:30:23 AM

Illinois steps up efforts to rebuild electronics recycling program

Paul Ploumis
ScrapMonster Author
Recycling specialists are in all-out efforts to revamp the poorly funded electronics recycling program.

Illinois steps up efforts to rebuild electronics recycling program

CHICAGO (Scrap Monster): Recycling specialists are in all-out efforts to revamp the poorly funded electronics recycling program. The local governments and manufacturers are very close to reaching a consensus. Will County, Illinois is planning to open two electronics recycling drop-off locations. On the other hand, Monmouth has reportedly shut down the electronics recycling services at the Warren Achievement Center.

The Illinois Manufacturers Association has come up with a sticker concept, whereby service users would be required to purchase a sticker ranging from $5 to $10 at a local grocery store or government office building to recycling screened electronic items such as televisions and tablets. The amount thus collected will go into a fund that will be utilized to meet program costs. The County is also keen to increase the number of established drop-off sites to at least 8.

Illinois had banned electronic items from landfills since 2012. According to the state law, manufacturers who sell products in Illinois are required to recycle a certain weight of what is sold. They are also responsible for collection of devices. The law was amended last year by raising the manufacturers’ weight obligation from 36.2 million pounds to 49.6 million pounds. However, the sharp plunge in prices for recycled electronics has led to lesser support from manufacturers to local government, thereby jeopardizing the collection and recycling of used electronic items in the state.

Addition of recycling locations

Presently, Will County has only one electronic drop-off location- The Lockport Public works Department, which is open for public on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6 AM to 11 AM. The success of the location has led to new enquiries for opening of more such collection centres. The county seat of Will County considers implementing of two new electronic drop-off locations as part of agreements with the Illinois village of Peotone and New Lenox Township. The recycling locations are expected to begin operations in July this year.

According to Marta Keane, recycling specialist for the Will County Resource Recovery and Energy Division, the Peotone drop-off events shall be held at the village police department, 208 E. Main St. on first and third Wednesdays of every month from 5 to 7 PM. The New Lenox Township drop-off events will be held on second and fourth Wednesdays of each month from 5 to 7 PM. The events are intended to provide more recycling options for residents and will complement the electronics collection at the Lockport location, stated Keane.

Electronics recycling program discontinued

As per media reports, Warren Achievement Center in Monmouth has discontinued its electronic recycling program. The residents are being asked to bring all used appliances to Monmouth’s Transfer Station off South 11th Street. Sean Cavanaugh, Center Marketing Coordinator noted that it has become difficult for them to continue recycling services, mainly on account of dropping prices of electronic items. Although residents are not expected to be badly impacted by the closure of the outlet, business owners are likely to be affected as businesses will have to pay for electronic waste.

Warren Achievement School was founded in 1961, in Monmouth, Illinois, by a group of citizens led by Helen Bersted and Lou Ebersole, as a one-room school for children with developmental disabilities. Through the years, Warren Achievement Center has grown. Today, Warren Achievement Center has several Residential homes, a sheltered workshop and Transportation for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and the general public. It provides many opportunities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn and be active members of the community. Staff are employed and specially trained to provide positive experiences in learning, recreation and independent living.


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