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@A1RECYCLERS Hello, I represent Georgia-Pacific Recycling, Here is a list of items we source day to day from Scrap Facilities: UBC's, 5052 – Bare, Aluminum Radiators,6063 New Bare, 6063 New Painted, 10/10 Extrusions, New Pro Clip MLC, Bare Clip MLC, Painted Siding, Old Sheet Aluminum - 2%, 3-5% Clean Rims, Dirty Rims,Truck Rims ,Zorba, Zurik, Stainless, Rotors & Drums, Electric Motors (small and mixed), sealed units, Yellow Brass, 211 Shred We currently have a strong export business and are growing domestically. Heavier emphasis on Non-Ferrous, but want to also grow Ferrous

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Naveen Gupta @5728630 Jun 2020
Hi. I am looking for Sheet Metal scrap. It will be exported to our facilities in India. Please advise what you have to offer. You may contact me at

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Shanghai Sunking Chemical industrial Co.,ltd