The company has been working successfully in the steel and metal industry for 20 years. BIMETAL Group produces first-class products and services, carried out by highly qualified employees, who can also be used temporarily in your company. Whether you are a locksmith, welder, flame cutter, fitter or assembly worker with excellent knowledge of power plant construction, refinery, pressure vessel construction, mechanical engineering and steel construction. We provide you with top specialists who have been working abroad for years and who are mostly multilingual.

One of the key activities of the BIMETAL Group is the extraction of secondary raw materials. We help with the rational management of the generated waste, waste paper and plastics by leveling their negative impact on the environment. We direct our offer to: trade networks, printing companies, production companies, raw material receiving points, companies that selectively collect waste and others that generate packaging and post-production waste. The raw material obtained is forwarded by us to the companies that deal with recovery and recycling. We guarantee appropriate documents: waste handover card, documents confirming recycling (DPR) and recovery (DPO).

We offer advice on the choice of the best solution for waste management, training and constant cooperation that ensures the sale of the resulting raw material. Thanks to mutual cooperation, we can work out a model in which waste will be one of the company's sources of income. The measures offered to our customers also include the optimization of other costs of the commercial activity they conduct. Key areas are electrical energy, valuable products and supplies. Thanks to the above replica watch optimizations, any business can be more profitable and at the same time less polluting.

This is not fashion, this is socially responsible business.